Women's Voices

  • A Saint Mary’s student identifies and understands women's contributions to human knowledge and achievement and how those have been influenced by constructions of gender.
  • A Saint Mary’s student reflects analytically upon constructions of gender in individual or group heritage, culture, or experience, and articulates those reflections within a particular disciplinary context.
  • A Saint Mary’s student analyzes the forms and effects of constructions of gender, and evaluates strategies for response.

NOTE:  The Sophia Program represents a dynamic curriculum with regular changes and new courses certified for particular learning outcomes.  The following lists of Sophia Program course certifications are accurate at the time of publication.  Not all sections of all courses have been certified for the Sophia Program.  The class schedule search feature in PRISM, as well as the current schedule pdf, provides section-level certification details.

Achieve Women's Voices Outcomes through one of the following: 

ART 141 Art Encounter        3 hours
ART 218 Modeling and Replication 3 hours
ART 242 Art History Survey II 3 hours 
BIO 107 Physiology of Women 3 hours
*BIO 200 Women's Voices in Biology 2-3 hours 
BUAD 240 Financial Success Strategies for Women 3 hours 
*BUAD 329 Gender and Race Issues in Management 3 hours
CHEM 102 Chemistry in Lives of Women 3 hours
*CHEM 342 Bioinorganic Chemistry & Materials 3 hours
COMM 103 Introduction to Communication 3 hours
*COMM 210 Mass Media: Past, Present, Future 3 hours
*COMM 420 Female Beauty: Discourse, Rhetoric, and Theory 3 hours
ENLT 109W Language and Literature (designated topics) 4 hours
ENLT 203  Studies in Literature (designated topics) 3 hours 
ENLT 331 Gender and Sexuality in Literature (designated topics) 3 hours
ENLT 334 Studies in World Literature (designated topics) 3 hours
ENLT 370  Studies in American Literature (designated topics) 3 hours 
ENLT 384 Romantic Era Feminism 3 hours 
ENLT 417 Major Literary Figures (designated topics) 3 hours
GWS 207 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies 3 hours
*GWS 240 Gender and Environmental Justice 3 hours 
*GWS 275  Global Women's Leadership 6 hours
HIST 103  World Civilization I 3 hours
HIST 201 United States History to 1865 3 hours
HIST 202 United States History from 1865 3 hours
HIST 324 U.S. Women's History 3 hours
HIST 413 Studies in Women's History: Women in Revolutions 3 hours
HUST 103  Lives and Times 3 hours 
*MATH 252 Theory of Interest 3 hours
MLIT 102 Introductory Italian II 4 hours
MLSP 116 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 4 hours
MLTF 230 Love, Sex, and Marriage in French Literature 3 hours
MLTS 135 Women Making Mischief 3 hours
MUS 150 Voices in Time 3 hours 
*NURS 323 Perinatal Nursing 5 hours
PHIL 110 Introductory Philosophy 3 hours
RLST 101 Introducing Religious Studies 3 hours
SOC 257 Sociology of Families 3 hours 
SW 202 Introduction to Social Work 3 hours 
SW 365 DSM-5 and Mental Health Issues Across the Lifespan 3 hours
SW 370 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse Issues 3 hours 
*THTR 250  Fashion and Costume Construction 3 hours
THTR 280 Costume and Fashion History 3 hours
*THTR 325 Playwriting I: One-acts by Women (cross listed with ENWR 325) 3 hours
THTR 378 Contemporary Women's Drama 3 hours

All courses also fulfill LO1 requirements except those marked by an asterisk (*)