Global Learning (A)

  • A Saint Mary’s student articulates the interconnections between at least two of the following: the historical, political, geographic, cultural, and/or socioeconomic dimensions within a country or region outside the United States.

NOTE:  The Sophia Program represents a dynamic curriculum with regular changes and new courses certified for particular learning outcomes.  The following lists of Sophia Program course certifications are accurate at the time of publication.  Not all sections of all courses have been certified for the Sophia Program.  The class schedule search feature in PRISM, as well as the current schedule pdf, provides section-level certification details.

Achieve Global Learning Outcomes through one course from either Global Learning A or Global Learning B:

ANTH 141 People and Nature 3 hours
ANTH 253 Survey I: Culture and Language        3 hours
*ART 352 Contemporary Art: 1990-present 3 hours
ENLT 374 Studies in World Literature: 20th Century & Contemporary African Writing 3 hours
HIST 103 World Civilization I 3 hours
HUST 212 High Society 3 hours
MLFR 112 Intermediate French II 4 hours
MLIT 102 Introductory Italian II 4 hours
MLIT 360 Italian Cultural Studies 3 hours
MLSP 116 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 4 hours
*MLTC 280 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture 3 hours
MLTS 135 Women Making Mischief 3 hours
POSC 207 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 hours 

All courses also fulfill LO1 requirements except those marked by an asterisk (*)