Intercultural Competence (A)

  • A Saint Mary’s student identifies and understands the aspects of culturally diverse environments in order to communicate more effectively across cultures; and she analyzes the forms and effects of culturally diverse environments and evaluates strategies for response.

NOTE:  The Sophia Program represents a dynamic curriculum with regular changes and new courses certified for particular learning outcomes.  The following lists of Sophia Program course certifications are accurate at the time of publication.  Not all sections of all courses have been certified for the Sophia Program.  The class schedule search feature in PRISM, as well as the current schedule pdf, provides section-level certification details.

Achieve Intercultural Competence Outcomes through one course from either Intercultural Competence A or Intercultural Competence B: 

ANTH 253 Survey I: Culture and Languages        3 hours
*BUAD 329 Gender and Race Issues in Management 3 hours
CHEM 118 General, Organic & Bio-Chemistry 5 hours
COMM 103 Introduction to Communication 3 hours
*COMM 369 Public Communication 3 hours
EDUC 201 Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society 3 hours
ENLT 203 Studies in Literature (designated topics) 3 hours 
ENLT 365 African-American Literature 3 hours
ENLT 374 Studies in Literature (designated topics) 3 hours
*GWS 275 Global Women's Leadership 6 hours
HIST 103 World Civilization I  3 hours
ICS 201 Introduction to Intercultural Studies 3 hours 
*ICS 310 Diversity Dialogues (cross-listed with JUST 310) 1 hour
*JUST 310 Diversity Dialogues (cross-listed with ICS 310) 1 hour
MLFR 112 Intermediate French II  4 hours
MLIT 360 Italian Cultural Studies 3 hours
MLSP 116 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 4 hours
*POSC 360  The Politics of Race 3 hours 
*PSYC 337 Social Psychology 3 hours 
RLST 101 Introducing Religious Studies 3 hours 
*RLST 102 Religion in Communities 3 hours
SOC 153 Sociological imaginations 3 hours 
SOC 230 Inequalities in Education 3 hours
SOC 255  Race, Ethnicity and Identity in the U.S. 3 hours 
SOC 257 Sociology of Families 3 hours
SW 340 Working with Diverse Populations 3 hours

All courses also fulfill LO1 requirements except those marked by an asterisk (*)