Social Responsibility (B)

  • A Saint Mary’s student is able to respond as an agent of change.  For example: She can explain stretegies for constructive action in pursuit of social, political, and economic justice. Based on her knowledge of strategies for constructive actions, the student will be able to advocate for social, political, and economic justice either for herself or in solidarity with vulnerable or oppressed people.

NOTE:  The Sophia Program represents a dynamic curriculum with regular changes and new courses certified for particular learning outcomes.  The following lists of Sophia Program course certifications are accurate at the time of publication.  Not all sections of all courses have been certified for the Sophia Program.  The class schedule search feature in PRISM, as well as the current schedule pdf, provides section-level certification details.

Achieve Social Responsibility Outcomes through one course from either Social Responsibility A or Social Responsibility B:

ANTH 141 People and Nature 3 hours
ART 236 Sustainable Textiles    3 hours
*BIO 316 Conservation Biology 4 hours
ENVS 161 Introduction to Environmental Studies 3 hours
*ENVS 331 Human Ecology and Spirituality 3 hours
GERO 201 Gerontology: Policies and Services 3 hours 
*GWS 275 Global Women's Leadership 6 hours
*GWS 499 Internship 1-3 hours
*ICS 310 Diversity Dialogues (cross-listed with JUST 310) 1 hour
*JUST 310 Diversity Dialogues (cross-listed with ICS 310) 1 hour
*PHIL 254 Social Justice 3 hours
RLST 225 Reading the Hebrew Bible in Jewish and Christian Terms 3 hours 
RLST 236 Faith in Action 3 hours
*RLST 476 Theology for Ministry I: Theory 3 hours
SW 202 Introduction to Social Work 3 hours 
SW 235 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I 3 hours
SW 236 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II 3 hours
SW 334 Social Welfare Policy and Service 3 hours
SW 340 Working with Diverse Populations 3 hours
SW 360 Health and Human Services Administration 3 hours 
SW 365 DSM-5 and Mental Health Issues Across the Lifespan 3 hours
SW 370 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse Issues 3 hours 

All courses also fulfill LO1 requirements except those marked by an asterisk (*)