Students are initially encouraged to contact the professor in the field in which they may be experiencing difficulty. The faculty at Saint Mary’s is very responsive to individual cases and works with the Resource Office to resolve problematic academic matters. The Specialist has extensive background and training in working with individuals with dyslexia.

The student is supported in the Disabilities Resource Office in mastering organization skills, with a focus on cognitive and material time management and the learning strategies necessary for the acquisition of information. The DRO seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the respective disability, and consequently build a more confident acquisition of academic /social independence and self-advocacy.

Students at Saint Mary’s College may avail themselves of tutoring in the following locations:

  • Writing Center - Aaron Bremyer, Director. 574.284.4710
  • Math Lab - Suzanne Cox, Director. 574.284.4493
  • Instructional Technology - Kathy Saville, Director. 574.284.5321
  • Disabilities Resource Office - Iris Giamo, Specialist. 574.284.4262

Assistive Technology

Computer access is available 24 hours a day in the Trumper Center in Cushwa-Leighton Library. Presently Kurzweil 3000 is available to be individually licensed to our students. This on-screen multi-modal reader with email and web searching operations also includes a study skill feature which can extract notes, outline chapters and papers. Word documentation can be scanned and read back to the writer. Kurzweil 3000 is advantageous to those with vision problems, attentional difficulties, reading disabilities, processing speed concerns, and foreign language learners.