Press Release

Outstanding Senior Award: Natalie Grasso ‘08

The Outstanding Senior Award, awarded annually by the Alumnae Association, is presented to a member of the senior class who exemplifies the spirit and values of the College. She carries out the beliefs of her faith in daily living and is distinguished by scholarship, leadership, and outstanding dedication to Saint Mary’s—as demonstrated through participation in both curricular and extracurricular activities. The woman honored as the Outstanding Senior of 2008 was chosen from nominees submitted by the members of the senior class. The 2008 recipient is Natalie Grasso ‘08, of Sharon, Pennslylvania.

In her four years at the College, Grasso has demonstrated excellence in academics, dedication to the arts, and an extraordinarily generous spirit. A communications studies major, she wrote her senior thesis on the film Little Miss Sunshine—exploring its themes of compassion, normalcy in family life, and what it means to “win” at an endeavor.

While achieving excellence in academics and exploring the visual and literary arts, Grasso carved out time for service to her class and the community. The Student Academic Council representative from her department, she was honored this year as the Council’s most outstanding member. An active member of her junior and senior class boards, she served as well for two years as a tutor with the Indiana Reading Corps and, this year, as an intern at Indiana legal Services. She takes her faith seriously, serving as a lector at the Church of Our Lady of Loretto, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and at St. Peter’s Basilica during her semester abroad in Rome, Italy.

Above all, though, it is Grasso’s warmth and generosity of spirit that distinguish her. From her first day at the College, she has been the student who is friendly and warm to all. A classmate has noted that in her excellence in academics, her commitment to service, and the friendliness and caring manner she extends to fellow students, Grasso is the perfect embodiment of the College’s tagline: She’s Saint Mary’s.

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