About Academic Search, Inc.

Academic Search is an executive search firm founded in 1976 and dedicated to serving higher education institutions and related organizations. From its beginning, Academic Search has had the ambitious goal to provide colleges, universities, and related organizations with highly professional, individually focused search services modeled on best practices in other sectors, which at the time was a new concept in higher education.

Based in Washington, D.C., Academic Search is the wholly owned subsidiary of the American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI), a not-for-profit organization that provides leadership identification, development, and support programs to academic leaders in various administrative positions across all sectors of higher education. This relationship strengthens the ongoing commitment by Academic Search to leadership development as well as the identification of outstanding candidates for positions.

A distinctive characteristic of Academic Search is the number of senior consultants in the firm who have had significant careers in higher education prior to joining the firm and who provide access to a wide network of potential qualified candidates. Their scope of experience allows the firm to match the consultants carefully with prospective clients, ensuring that the consultants understand the institutional needs and are able to gather a rich pool of applicants.

Academic Search is consistently able to recruit rich pools of experienced, motivated, and qualified candidates. With over 1000 former clients, the experience and expertise of Academic Search are unequalled. We offer a “best practices” approach to search, one that is customized to each client’s needs, expectations, and culture. Our aim is a search that proceeds expeditiously toward an outcome that is embraced by the campus as a whole. Our goal is not simply to select a person but to launch success in office. Visit academic-search.com to learn more.


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