Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is confidentiality so important in a search process?

    Many of our candidates will hold key positions at other institutions and will only submit an application if confidentiality is guaranteed. Members of the search committee have signed an agreement that commits to confidentiality for all discussions and deliberations related to the presidential search. For your information, a copy of the confidentiality statement guiding the work of the presidential search committee is available on this website.

  2. What is the role of the Search Committee Chair?

    The search chair will work closely with the search consultants.  The chair is the official spokespersons for the search committee. The chair runs the committee meetings and will provide regular updates to keep the Board, the candidates, the Saint Mary’s community and external constituencies informed about the search’s progress. The chair will also address any questions or concerns from members of the community through the duration of the search process.

  3. What information can Search Committee members share with me?

    The confidentiality statement that all members have signed requires that they not share any information discussed during search committee meetings and that they not share any information related to candidates, even after the search has closed.

  4. Whom do I contact if I want to share specific information or if I have a question about the search?

    As per the confidentiality statement, the search chair is the only individual authorized to speak on behalf of the search committee and the search process.  Please contact the search chair (Beth Culligan at or one of the search consultants (Maya Ranchod Kirkhope at or Andrea Warren Hamos at if you have information that will be helpful to them.

  5. Will there be regular updates on the search?

    Yes; the search chair will provide regular updates to the College community at critical points in the
    search. Please check this website periodically for updates.

  6. How can I make a nomination?

    We will develop an online and confidential nomination form on this website.  The nomination form will be available by mid-September and we will ensure that you are informed once the document is made available to the campus community. We ask that you carefully review the presidential qualifications and experiences as laid out in the Presidential Search Profile before submitting a nomination. Your nomination will go directly to the search consultants and they will reach out to the nominee.  The search consultants will not provide your name to the nominee, but you are free to do so.

  7. Are internal candidates treated any differently than external candidates?

    Internal candidates are treated in the same way as external candidates. All candidates are assessed based on the criteria laid out in the Presidential Search Profile. The committee very carefully selects the strongest candidates for further consideration based on the presidential search qualifications and experiences. In addition, internal candidates are assured the same degree of confidentiality as external candidates.

  8. How will members of the Saint Mary’s community participate in the search process?

    Members of the College community are encouraged to participate in the pre-search visit when the consultants visit campus on September 8, 9 and 10.  The search consultants will gather valuable information and insights about the institution and the presidency from their visit to campus. This information will be particularly valuable to the search consultants during the recruiting phase of the search process.

    When finalist candidates are selected, the Saint Mary’s community will have the opportunity to meet with each of the finalist candidates, and everyone is strongly encouraged to do so. In addition to a campus wide forum, finalist candidates will meet with all key constituent groups.  There will be multiple opportunities to meet with the candidates. An online feedback form will be available to all individuals who have met with the finalist candidates to ensure that we gather feedback on the finalist candidates. Feedback from the Saint Mary’s community will be shared with the search committee as they deliberate on the strengths and concerns of each of the finalist candidates.

  9. Will I have an opportunity to share my opinion of the finalists with the Search Committee?

    Yes, in addition to sharing your feedback on finalists through the online feedback form, you can also share your thoughts with the search chair and with members of the search committee.

  10. When will our next president take office?

    The next president is expected to take office in early June, 2016. The new president may be visible and meet with individuals on campus earlier in the summer prior to the official start date.