SMC at ND Co-Exchange Form

Saint Mary's students must submit a request for a registration time at Notre Dame before leaving for fall or spring break (every semester you plan to take a class). Students who do not submit forms by this deadline may submit a form later, but must wait until the first day of classes to register for a course at Notre Dame.

See Saint Mary's Students Registration for Notre Dame Classes Instructions on SMC at ND Co-Exchange Program (student link) on the Office of the Registrar homepage for detailed Co-Exchange registration information.

Form Instructions

  1. Use this form to request a registration time at Notre Dame to register for a Coexchange course (form must be submitted every semester you plan to take a course).
  2. There is no penalty to request a time and not use it.
  3. Students who successfully submit the form will receive immediate confirmation. If a confirmation does not appear immediately, review the information on the form to be sure all required fields are completed.
  4. Fields with an * are required.

Please do not enter your Social Security Number.

If you don't remember,enter N/A.

No middle name? Enter N/A.