Regina Hall

Regal and Wise

Regina Hall is a combination of residential living and administrative and academic facilities. Home to the departments of Campus Ministry and Modern Languages, Regina also features classrooms, a theater classroom and the campus dance studio.  Located on the west edge of campus, Regina residents enjoy its peaceful, friendly atmosphere. Regina's recently renovated rooms include several private singles, and doubles and quads set up as suites.



Built: 1965, Residence Hall 1969
Houses: 192
Special Interest Areas: South Senior Living Community
Hall Color: Purple
Hall Mascot: Queens
Service Organization: Center for the Homeless
Awards: Miss Regina


Room Features: Doubles and Quads with separated living spaces
Room Configurations: Offers Singles, Doubles, Triple and Quads
Chapel Name: Regina Chapel
Special Spaces: Regina Courtyards, Lobbies
Special Features: South


Regina Hall offers a variety of rooms that accommodate one to four students.

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Why Saint Mary's: Regina Hall


Offices:   Campus Ministry

                  Modern Languages