SAAC Grant Initiatives




SAAC Grant Initiatives

The NCAA has implemented the Division III Strategic Initiatives Grant Program.  For 2008-09, Division III will allocate $1.85 million pool directly to conferences and Association of Division III Independents to determine and administer educational programs and services to best meet its needs in support of the goals of the Division III strategic plan.

The program is designed in a three-tiered format, consistent with key areas of focus:

  • Tier One- Professional Development/Education/Communication.
  • Tier Two- Social Responsibility and Integration.
  • Tier Three - Quality of the Participation Experience.

To read more about the Strategic Initiatives Grant Program, visit or the Division III Strategic Initiatives Grant Program website.

How the Belles Have Made a Difference

During the 2007-08 school year, the Saint Mary's College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee implemented the NCAA Grant Strategic Initiatives Grant Program with a pair of events which focused on the areas of education and sportsmanship.  

Saint Mary's aimed to provide a valuable learning experience by sponsoring an educational session in Angela Athletic Facility on driving under the influence of alcohol.  The event allowed students to better understand how alcohol impacts the ability to drive through the use of drunken driving simulators as well as vision-imparing goggles.  The entire student-athlete population of the College attended the event.

In order to better foster sportsmanship among the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association's (MIAA) member institutions, the Saint Mary's SAAC provided boxes of food and treats for the conference's cross country teams at the annual MIAA Championships in the fall.  Each of the boxes included various foods such as fruits, granola bars, and sweet treats.

Each year, the SAAC looks for creative and effective ways to make a diffence on the College campus and beyond with the funding provided by the NCAA through the the Strategic Initiatives Grant Program.