April 19, 2013

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Review rules: (sheet) 1 unexcused absence; must make every meeting every other Friday at 12pm; how to do sister teams? Pair by same season? But may play at the same time or need the day off but also may get to know if overlap;

Sister teams: basketball and golf; tennis and softball; cross country and volleyball; soccer and lacrosse;

Team/Sister Team Updates
Community Service Updates
BB: open gyms/Pete’s class; sister team dinner with softball;
SB: rain delays going to be made up next week; (3-1) in conference;
VB: sister team dinner with tennis and went to matches; spring tournament done; Chicago team event;
CC: next Saturday race;
Tennis: won last matches; meet tomorrow vs. Hope; trying to make MIAA conference (must be 4th and currently 4th)
Soccer: spring season done; Pete’s classes;
Swimming: -
Lacrosse: club game next Saturday and announcing varsity team;
Golf: NCAA qualifier on Wednesday; must beat Olivet next week to qualify for nationals;

Secondary Duties
-SAB: transition of officers;
-SGA: next full meeting April 29th;
-Bulletin Board: cross country managing;
-Social Media: volleyball managing Facebook;
-MIAA SAAC: meeting April 8th; finalized constitution; changing retreat from ropes course to educational forum (each school presents something they are successful at and each school’s advisor speak on how to be more successful in athletic program); August 1st week;
-Convent Event @ 2:30pm: ice cream social; softball will miss because of game; so will Chanler because working game;

Returning athletes need to do screening with Jason for next year (start next week)

Recap of Belles Awards: like the sister team award and creative awards on personality of team; making more of a dinner? Variety of majors does not really tell you anything about the team; gifts were good and picture ok; 30 min good time frame; swag more of a group shot so everyone’s the same? Teams must be excited in order to make it more fun, what can be done to make people more excited? Perhaps promote well in weeks leading up to it (SAAC members);

Upcoming Events
-Softball vs. Olivet: April 21st @ 1:00 (Senior Day)
-Softball vs. Hope: April 22nd @ 3:30 (home)
-Tennis vs. North Central: April 22th @ 4pm (last home match)
-Golf @ Olivet: April 26th and 27th @12:30pm (MIAA NCAA Qualifiers)

Sunday May 5th senior awards 4:30: RSVP soon!

Pete’s Classes
Monday: 2 slightly different sessions - 5:15-6:30pm and 7:00-8:00pm (second session has no core work)
Tuesdays: 6:30-7:45pm
Thursdays: 5:15-6:30pm

**Email Teams by Midnight Sunday**
Copy your coach, Shanlynn, Anna, Julie and Erin to email
Next meeting: Fall 2013