April 25, 2014

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Team/Sister Team Updates
Soccer- Last spring practice on Tues and now they have service at the carnival Hannah and friends Saturday
Volleyball- played spring tournament and won all 4 matches against conference teams, service Saturday
Softball- Played Trine, last game Saturday, Callie senior day, 370 strike outs
Tennis- match: Saturday, Monday, Thursday, in conference. Community service Wednesday
XC- spring season ended last week, Hannah and friends tomorrow, team lunch at Jackie’s house
Basketball- Pete’s, open gym
Golf- tournament Sunday and Monday, 4 strokes behind Olivet for Nationals
Lacrosse- Last game Alma on Saturday. First conference win last Friday

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice) – need someone for Constitution Committee ---nothing
-Bulletin Board (XC) ---good!
-Social Media (SB) --- Everyone like it
-MIAA SAAC Secretary - Congrats Macius! – Maria is still representing us on MIAA SAAC and we now need one more member for MIAA SAAC conference calls since Macius is secretary. - Caitlyn (softball)

Welcome New Members! Go over more responsibility next year: Meet every other week, meetings to Sunday night at 6pm, service projects

Meeting Time Next Semester Sunday 6pm

Alcohol Policy Feedback SAAC members are leaders on the team make sure all SAAC members are following the policy and enforcing it on your teams. NO binge drinking, 21 and older can drink 48 hours before game, practice. BIGGEST CHANGE- the rule last year was a zero tolerance, if you’re 21 you can drink responsibility in season, under 21 can taking into consideration a lot of factors whether taking 20% of season away or not. Coach can make his or her own rule for the team.
COMMENTS: Lexi (golf) – positive thing, setting an example for younger kids, that once you’re 21 you can drink without being crazy drunk. Softball- good that there are different consequences. Not everyone situation is the same. Krista (Basketball) creates more honesty. You can turn yourself in to create a better situation. Volleyball- Social Media- you need to watch, represent you team and Saint Mary’s in a positive light.

Mascot Discussion Make sure your team has a write up on MONDAY. If you don’t have time to write something but feel strongly about keeping the tradition you can just sign the paper. Keep it between athletes. Definition of what the Belle is.

Screenings with Jason Remind your team to sign up!! Papers online and insurance card

DIII Week Feedback – (Jackie)
Belles awards- Good awards, later in the season maybe (softball), recognize every team or make sure people know that not everyone will win an award (Lax)
Integration Activity- Professors owning up to the fact that they don’t promote or endorse athletes; they ask how games went but they walked after the event knowing that they will make a point to come to more and support athletics more. One professor told students not to be too humble and to stand in front of class and tell the students to come and professor. Professor said that if student invited them to game/match personally they would definitely come. Students need to start doing these things and encouraging students/ facility/ staff. Some tables didn’t think they got through to their table. Some felt some professors didn’t care. Someone felt someone was only there because she had to be. Gave golf a chance to talk to professors who actually care about golf they don’t get a chance to be with faculty rep often and they thought it was great. Basketball- professor didn’t come to dinner and he has over 8 athletes in a 15-person class. Helpful to teach professors about athletes at SMC, opened the eyes of people who didn’t know as much. Softball- mention to professors beginning of the year that we are students first and athletes second but its hard when teachers don’t work with us.

Champs Cup- (Jackie) Still turn in points, LAX in the lead, Volleyball shortly behind.

Retirement Card for Dave Neilson

Upcoming Home Events
This Saturday: LAX @ noon, Tennis @ 1, SB @ 2! Get Champs Points!
Wednesday, April 30, 12-1 Athlete of the Week Lunch!
Sunday, May 4 @ 4:30-6:30 Senior Awards!

Pete’s Classes
M,T,R: 5:15-6:30PM

**Email Teams by Midnight Sunday**
Copy your coach, Carolyn, Kayle, Krista, and Julie to email
Next meeting: Next year!