April 4, 2014

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Team/Sister Team Updates
Soccer- Had dinner with lacrosse, we have first two scrimmages tomorrow @ SMC one at 11 other at 4, service project tomorrow morning.
Volleyball- Finished third week of season, tournament tomorrow @ bethel, spring tournament next weekend
Softball- Have been practicing, lost Tuesday, game sat/Sunday
Tennis- Match on Tuesday didn’t go so hot (nationally ranked team), next week two matches, senior day Saturday
XC- run tonight, dinner with volleyball last night, 26th Hannah and friends, rebuilding next weekend
Golf- tournament in St. Louis, Sister team dinner next week
Bball- Pete, open gym, sister team dinner
Lax- first home game, community service tomorrow morning

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice) Janice wasn’t here
-Bulletin Board (XC) Looks good
-Social Media (SB) New website up
-MIAA SAAC nothing new

Big Sisters!
–Encourage your teammate, any questions ask Jackie or Julie, due date Wednesday the 9th

Injury and Illness Reporting

Belle Awards Run Through (Julie)
Want it to run smoothly, 30 minutes, opportunity to acknowledge players. Julie will speak first, Carolyn will give an over view, Carolyn will invite Soccer to get us started and give sister team award to lacrosse, once lacrosse comes up they will give award to Soccer, Soccer invite golf…. So on… For exceptional game we brought it down to three finalist. Do we want golf to read it or for golf to read the three finalist. Three finalist will come up so the audience sees the team. Teams be enthusiastic when you present, make sure to use the microphone. WEAR TEAM GEAR

Integration Activity (Julie)
Next Thursday @ 6, EVERYONE GOING TO IT, she is working on seating chart, Envelope at every table and you will start with questions. Kaitlyn will be speaking- Outstanding Senior ’09, Dinener after her, Julie will talk, Bill and Amy will take over, Folder with questions, mission statement etc. TAKE NOTES IF YOU WERE ASSIGNED- BEST NOTES POSSIBLE.

Vice President Nominations- Speeches, Ballots
Allie- XC grand rapids Michigan, been on on SAAC for a year, loves XC, best decisions she made, so thankful shes apart of SAAC, very passionate about lacrosse and athletics in general. Can help SAAC but improving SAAC community service, wants a group session with career crossing to help athletes in future.
Krista- Basketball team, SAAC rep for two years, learned a lot of previous presidents, love to continue, SAAC should be a model for MIAA, integrating with rest of campus, having guest in our meetings, participating in other activities such as BAVO, excited for --- attendance at games and special Olympics adopting a player.
Maria- Thanks for the opportunity for SAAC, really likes being involved in social gathering and making a difference, Brings a lot of energy and excitement for SAAC, Softball has changed since her on SAAC: has attended more games, a better sister team. New ideas: Going to games to earn points for Hall of the Year, encourage more people to come, Very grateful for her experience, SAAC driven project

Next Semester and Last Meeting – meeting time might change most likely 1PM. Vote next meeting. By Friday email names of people who will be on SAAC next semester. And those people will be invited to final meeting.

Upcoming Home Events
Belles Awards: Monday April 7 @ 7:30 PM in Conference Rooms DEF
Integration Activity: Thursday April 10 @ 6 PM in Conference Rooms DEF

Pete’s Classes
M: 5:00-6:15 TR: 5:15-6:30PM

**Email Teams by Midnight Sunday**
Copy your coach, Carolyn, Kayle, and Julie to email
Next meeting: April 25 in Madeleva 209
I need the names of the SAAC representatives for next semester by next Friday. They are required to attend the last meeting if they are able.