August 24, 2012

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Intros –

Review Rules –
  Review constitution
  Absences: 2
  No freshmen
  Drinking policy
  Constitution on website

Team Updates –
   Softball: 7 returners, 13 freshmen, first team meeting next week
   Soccer: finalized team, 1st competition 8/31
   Basketball: open gyms
   Swimming: captain’s practice
   Volleyball: Chicago next weekend
   Cross Country: ranked 10th regionally, Jamboree 9/21
   Tennis: team meeting next week, fall season starts in September
   Golf: match Saturday with Bethel, Holy Cross

Sister Teams –
   Cross Country/Golf

Community Service –
   2 events
   Must have one done this semester
  MUST turn in one paragraph and picture within one week to Maddie and Sarah Miesle No parties this year with Logan Center, going to try to coordinate with them for events Can count Logan Center activities as only one community service event

Elections –
   Email nominees

Grant money –
   $1500 for sportsmanship
   Committee of 3 people: Sarah Copi, Morgan Bedan, Liz Palmer

Convent –
   Gen Spittler
   December 2nd caroling/decorating
   Must show up

Social Media –
   Facebook: Taylor Etzell
   Bulletin Board: Emma Baker

Reps –
   SGA: Kayla Wolter
   SAB: Shanlynn Bias

MIAA Retreat (Summer 2012) –
   MIAA reps: Kaitlin Teichman, Gen Spittler
  Ropes course
   Kaitlin Teichman president. Yay Kaitlin!
   Special Olympic involvement
  Updating sportsmanship quote. Current quote: “Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Positive!”
   125th year as a conference, oldest in the US
   New rep?

**Email team by midnight on Sunday
   copy Maddie, Erin, Coach, Emily