February 13, 2015

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Attendance:Advisor: Julie Schroeder-Biek; Executives: Krista Knape-President, Maria Roberts-Secretary; Soccer: Kay Thursby, Lindsay Rzepecki; Volleyball: Kathryn Hecklinski (sub for Meaghan Gibbons) Angela Bukur; Softball: Angela Dainelli, Caitlin Migawa; Lacrosse: Emilie V, Kristen Whalen; Golf: Lydia Lorenc, Courtney Carlson, Janice Hefferman; Basketball: Sarah Macius, Kelsey Ronan; Tennis: Kaitlyn Venters, Rina; XC: Colleen Orgen, Caitlin Blum


• Team/Sister Team Updates
   o Soccer: Banquet is this Thursday. Hosted a recruit yesterday. Planning community service event and need to work on communication within team.
   o Golf: Sister team needs to get together. Want to go watch tennis matches. Participating in the St. Margaret’s walk
   o VBALL: no dinners with LAX. Going to Pete’s classes. Next weekend Ronald McDonald house service event. 2 weeks banquet and recruit staying over.
   o XC: No sister team dinner in awhile. Excited for the clinic. Meeting with coach about leadership on Fridays.
   o Tennis: First match last weekend against Aquinas. Working with Golf for dinners. 2 recruits in the past week
   o SBALL: Practicing all week and working with Pete. St Margaret’s walk as a team on Sunday. 3 weeks until Florida in a new location. Claremont, FL
   o LAX: Love having vball team at Pete’s with them. April Hannah and friend’s service event. 7 new freshmen so looking to be competitive. Thursday after spring break will be the first match. Wounded warrior project game April 18th. Posting flyers and etc. Last home game/senior day. SMC belles Lax Facebook page
   o BBALL: Pink game last Saturday- angel wings foundation. Senior day tomorrow honoring Ariana Paul. 2 more games and conclude season in a week. Planning dinners and etc with sister team. Hannah and friends members come to game last week. XC bought headbands for the pink game

• Secondary Duties:
   o SGA: Everyone came out to the Pink game. SMC cards- you can get punches and at the end of semester you can win great prizes. Love your body week coming up. Try and get athletes to attend.
   o Bulletin Board: Athlete of the week will be redone. Willing to take suggestions.
   o Social Media: Next week is social media week. Senior Day event on Facebook.
   o Convent: Ice cream social “We’d love to party with you”. Given dates of March 20th and 21st but maybe a Friday evening, before or after dinner. Most Sundays are free but not open for them. Will let us know of the date soon.
   o MIAA SAAC: In person meeting and we were unaware of that. Going ahead with the meeting and no athletes will be able to attend but Julie will. Polar plunge is not happening this year due to being too late in the season. Plan on it next year.

• National Girls in Women’s Sports- committee updates
   o Feedback from App:

  •   LAX: required to work but not enough space for those athletes.

• Contact Jackie if you need a spot to work the event.

  •   All went smoothly

• Service Update- Helper Helper APP

• Board of Trustees lunch Feb 20th
   o 11 RSVP’s
   o Dress nicely

• Shoot for the Cure- Pink game update
   o 18 free throws made in the game- pledges
   o Sudexo donated deserts and we had donations for that
   o Half time, shoot out, deserts added up to about $800

• Belle Awards, April 9 8:30pm in Angela
   o Suggestions:

  • Mad Hatter: Each team nominate someone that involved

• Single person would represent the team
   o Julie etc. decides
   o Kristen-Motion
   o Colleen- Second
   o Changes:

  •   Helper Helper award for team

   • Kristen Whalen-motion
   • Emilie V.- second

  •   New Comer of the year/ Exceptional game

   • Spring sports issues
   • Exceptional: count entire year
   o Caitlin Migawa- motion
   o Sarah Macius-second

• Field Breaking Ceremony, Friday 17th, 3:00

• Career in Sports reminder- tell Julie by Feb 20th
   o Can submit up to 10 athletes
   o All expenses paid

• Leadership forum:
   o Colleen from XC

• Course Survey:
   o Encourage participation on your teams
   o Need 300 people

• Angela update
   o 19.5 million in fund accounted for
   o Needed: 25 million
   o Delay: don’t start project until 100% of funds pledged and 75% in hand