February 17, 2012

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Team Updates

  • XC – Spring season will start after Spring Break, and it will most likely include a competition in Kentucky April 29, 30
  • Golf – Season starts week of 2/19.  First competition 3/16, 3/17.
  • Basketball – Finishing up the regular season.  Senior Day is against Kalamazoo on Saturday 2/18.  They will start the MIAA Conference Tournament on Thursday 2/23.
  • Volleyball – Planning spring season to begin after Spring Break.  Currently having open gyms.
  • Soccer – Spring season to begin after Spring Break.  Excited to have one competition this year, a new addition decided upon by the MIAA, against Bethel on April 14.
  • Softball – 4 weeks into preseason.  Will go to Fort Myers, FL for Spring Break to play 10 games.
  • Tennis – First match Friday 2-17 vs. Case Western @6pm @ND
  • Swimming – MIAA Championships 2/18

Sister Team Updates

  • Volleyball and Softball will have a sister team dinner on Sunday 2/19.

Community Service Updates

  • Golf, Softball, and Tennis will participate in St. Margaret’s House Winter Walk on Sunday 2/19.
  • **Make sure to send in description and picture to Sarah Miesle

SAB Update

  • Midnight Madness tank tops will be given out and tie-dyed at the basketball game on Saturday.

MIAA SAAC Conference Call

  • Recap: The texting policy was passed. This policy allows recruits and coaches to text each other as a form of communication.  The social network policy was not passed, so communicating via facebook, twitter, etc is not allowed.  A new idea for grant money was discussed.  Instead of receiving a percentage of all three categories, each school would receive a larger percentage of only one category every three years.  It was not decided upon, but will be considered more at the next MIAA meeting.
  • Next MIAA meeting: April 11, 7:30pm
  • MIAA retreat in summer: representatives?

Valentine's Party

  • Recap: Ronald McDonald performed, and the kids enjoyed it.
  • New ideas for next year?

Grant Money Chair Updates

  • Culture and Diversity –
    • Stacey Davis: April 1, 6pm in Vander Vannet
    • Service –
      • Finished spending the money on the Valentine's Day party
      • Sportsmanship –
        • Dinner for the Swim Team with Albion after their home meet vs. Albion on 2/4.
        • T-shirts given out at the Basketball game on 2/18.

Future Events

  • March 2 meeting: President Mooney and Karen Johnson
    • Come looking showered, wearing gear from your sport
    • Be professional and prepared and positive
    • Team updates should be an overview of the whole year, and what you are expecting out of your next season
    • Each team should have one question to ask President Mooney/Karen Johnson
    • We want to show why the athletic department is important and should continue and should be invested in.
    • Senior Awards
      • Sunday May 6, 4-6pm
      • Seniors must attend all events and act appropriately in order to be considered for Senior Awards
      • Athlete of the Week Lunch
        • Wednesday May 2

Strength and Conditioning Class

  • Monday – 5:15-6:30pm
  • Tuesday – 5:15-6:30pm
  • Thursday – 5-6:15pm

Upcoming Competitions

  • Swimming: 2/18 – Championships
  • Basketball: 2/18 – Senior Day vs. Kalamazoo @ 3:30pm
  • Tennis: 2/17 – first match of the season vs. Case Western @6pm @ND

**Next Meeting: March 2 in Conference Room A&B**