February 21, 2014

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Team/Sister Team updates
-Community service write-ups
Soccer-Banquet, Spring season starts in a month
XC- practice starts in 4 weeks after spring break, working on SISTER TEAM DINNER
Volleyball- Pete’s classes, Volleyball banquet went well
Tennis-First match last Friday (lost), Match this Saturday at 6PM
Softball-Went to tennis match last Friday, St. Margaret’s walk, Senior Night basketball game, few weeks away from Spring Break
Bball- last practice, last game
Golf-started practice, getting ready for spring break, St. Margaret’s Walk
LAX-Working on sister team dinner, Lacrosse match soon, trying to recruit players.

Secondary Duties
-SGA- Love your body week-try to go to events
-Bulletin Board
-Social Media- Changing page so Julie has more control, Important for athletes to pay attention to what they post. Fan pages!! SAAC has been working outside without any SMC control. As SAAC reps need to be leader to look out for what team members are posting.
-MIAA SAAC- Calvin is making a 6 do and don’t, heard about community service events, WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET MORE INVOLVED. Getting younger athletes involved. Polar Plunge- Non-Athletic completion sounds fun!

Community service- Important that teams start planning events with Special Olympics and Logan Center!

Belle Awards
Vote for awards-4 votes for every team
-Most Vivacious
-Trough Award
-B.E.L.L.E. Award
-Swag Award
-Exceptional Game
-Newcomer of the Year
-Best Breakthrough Team

Upcoming Events
-Basketball Away Saturday at Albion @ 3:00
-Tennis away at Aquinas @6:00

Pete’s Classes
M: 5-6:15 TR: 5:15-6:30