February 25, 2011

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February 25, 2011

Team Updates

-Basketball - Lost to Trine in first round of MIAA. Although their season is over, Kelley Murphy scored over 1,000 points and Liz Wade broke many other records. This was in the most wins in a season
-Swimming - Broke many records as well at the conference meet. They did very well and came in 5 place
-Softball - 5.5 weeks into pre-season.  2 weeks till spring break trip to Florida
-Tennis - Match against Olivet Nazarene on the 18. They lost, but they will travel to Cleveland this weekend to play 2 other schools
-Golf - Practicing and going to Arizona for spring break
-CC - Spring practice schedule was released last week and they set a date for a spring community service event which will take place March 5
-Volleyball - Has their banquet this weekend and another clinic

Sister team updates: None

Community Service Updates: None

SAB - Kristy
- None

SGA - Christine
- Talked about installing more bike racks around campus, but it is currently not in their budget

Substance Abuse Speaker- Jackie says to go ahead and find another speaker because she cannot get a hold of the local one. Kelley Murphy tried to contact one in Kalamazoo, but we are still very unsuccessful

Sportsmanship dinner for tennis- Need to commit to a date. Talk with coach to see what home game works. Need to talk to the coach of the other team as well

SAAC Valentine’s Day Party-  Seniors really enjoyed it and thought it was the best one yet. The crafts were very good, and a lot of children came!

Convent decorating for Easter: Gen still needs to get in contact with the lady at the convent. Date is still undetermined

SAAC Facebook -
            -Keep Updating it

Email team by midnight Sunday

March Madness: March 24
            -Let your teams know about it. Start spreading the word. 

Conditioning class with Pete:
-       Mondays: 7:00-8:00 
-       Tuesdays/Thursdays: 5:30-6:45

Out of season athletes: We had a long discussion about out of season athletes attending Pete’s classes and getting more excited to work out. We all are going to talk to our teams to figure out if a better time works for Pete’s classes or what we can do to encourage everyone to come. It is important to stay in shape and work together as a team, and a lot of us are currently not taking advantage of him.

Dates to remember:
            -Senior awards banquet: Sunday, May 1 6:00 pm
            -Athlete of the week lunch: April 27

Upcoming Events:
Tennis: Saturday 26 @ Case Western 4:00 pm
            Sunday 27@ John Carroll 11:00 am