February 7, 2014

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Professor Svelmoe and Professor Gillan!-- Discuss and tell them what we do at SAAC.
Open floor for FARs
  o Professor Gillan- Third year at SMC, Avid Tri-Athlete, Dream for SMC- Start a rowing team
  o Professor Svelmoe- Fall of 2000, Started as the Volleyball Team Advisory, Played Volleyball his whole life, Theatre has taken over sports life
  o Twice a year travel to league meetings, look at doctors medical wavers, eligibility checks

Team/Sister Team Updates
Tennis- First match a week from today (feb. 14), Practicing, Pete’s
Soccer- Spring season in March, Team dinners
CC-Wed dinner with Volleyball, people recovering, practice after spring break
Volleyball-Open gym two weeks ago, Sunday open gym for grade school coaches, Pete’s classes, recruits over the past couple weeks
Softball- Fort Myers for SB, practicing, St. Margaret’s walk next Sunday
Basketball- Sat. Pink Game KZoo(Coach for Alma), Sat after senior night
Golf- Starts in 2 weeks-17th, playing intermural dodge ball, St. Margaret’s Walk
Lacrosse- practicing, first home game march 30th: trying to incorporate President, Going to Memphis, TN for spring break.
    • Community service write-ups to Miesle!

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice)- Janice absent
-Bulletin Board (XC)- Updating with senior recognition
-Social Media (SB)- Softball doing GREAT! Updates daily.
-MIAA SAAC (Sarah)- Feb. 19 in person meeting at Alma, 2 representatives-Haley/Meredith,

Belles Awards!
  o Lacrosse- Most Dynamic: team/coach relationship outside of season, Most Vivacious: Enthusiastic team, chants (most creative chant).
  o Golf- Biggest baby: most injured, Trough Award: team that eats together the most, Deodorant Award: hardest working team
  o Soccer- Benevolent Exemplary Ladylike Leader Encouraging. Belle award come with a word for each letter.
  o Basketball- Team with the highest conference ranking, most likely to go pro, Pete’s class attendance, Swag award
  o Volleyball- Sport you wish you played, Sunshine award: team with the best aura (good team vibe), “go-getter” one/tam who “go gets” (individual award, extra activities, tutoring)
  o Softball- Mad Hatter(s) (team or individual, most activities-clubs, jobs, internship, goes to Pete’s, practice, Honorary Humor: funniest team
  o CC- Longest lasting team tradition, Giving Award: team that goes above and beyond in community services
  o Tennis- Team trip, Recognize the seniors
- T-shirts and sizes: discussed everyone’s idea/ colors: big French cross

Julie Integration Activity Overview
  o Round table discussions, questions for each table
  o All SAAC members will attend, Thursday April 10th 6pm in DEF: athletic staff, all the team facility reps, captains, asking presidents of club sports, student government officers, student body president, diversity board, incorporate different grade levels, Campus Ministry

Upcoming Events
THIS SATURDAY Feb. 8th Basketball @ Home vs. Kzoo- 3:00pm! PINK OUT!
Feb. 14th Tennis @ Home vs. Ohio Northern - 6:30pm

Pete’s Classes
M: 5:00-6:15 TR: 5:15-6:30PM

**Email Teams by Midnight Monday**
Copy your coach, Carolyn, Kayle, and Julie to email
Next meeting: February 21 in Madeleva 20