January 18, 2013

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Review Rules

Team/Sister Team Updates
Basketball: planning next 2 dinners; game sat @ olivet;
Volleyball: did logan center;
Softball: tryouts Monday; planning sister team dinners;
CC: planning dinners;
Golf: getting new coach by next week; planning dinners;
Soccer: pete’s class; Sunday practice;
Swimming: meet 1/18/13 v. kzoo and calvin;
Tennis: first week of practice; timing swim meet;

Community Service
Soccer and Swimming need to do Logan center event (everyone else done)
Basketball: special olymics clinic and collected goods; Logan center Halloween done;
CC: trash pick up; Logan center; Domer run;
Golf: Halloween at Logan;
Soccer: Youth soccer clinic; need Logan and another community service;
Softball: Craft Show; Logan Center Halloween; plus second community service;
Swimming: Rock your body;
Tennis: Cookie decorating; Logan center Christmas;
Volleyball: Logan center Christmas; Crush it;

Secondary Duties
-Grant Money Committee: $184.46 left
      Sarah Copi has spring duty; can use it to feed teams at games;
-Easter Convent Event?
      Gen Spittler call to see what we can do about Easter and put up decorations for door?
-Social Media (www.facebook.com/smc.saac and SMCAthletics)
      Volleyball taken over duties for spring; teams can post on social media as well;
-Bulletin Board
      Julie and Emma putting new board up this spring;
      no update; rep at game;
      trying to promote crush it night;
      Cally and Gen reps;

Logan Center Events: mhahn@logancenter.org --soccer and swimming need one;

Saint Margaret’s House walk, February 17th 2pm?
Golf, swimming, tennis, softball, and volleyball interested; maybe raise money for it?

Penny Wars still?
Fall: CC, soccer, volleyball and basketball
Spring: swimming, golf, and tennis
Use as champs cup points?

Champs Cup
Very little points; email saac reps with questions, not Jackie;

Green Dot training
Coach Sullivan meeting Sunday with Connie; set anything up? Email teams and see who is interested; other option is self defense training; one in Feb and another in April; try to get one or two people from each team for training by Feb 1; (session only about an hour and a half) champs cup points? See how first session goes and decide about green dot from there;

Upcoming Events
-Basketball: Crush It night January 26 v. Kalamazoo 3pm
-Swimming: Meet tonight v. Kalamazoo and Calvin 7pm
Feb. 2 Senior Night v. Olivet 1pm

Pete’s Classes
Monday: 2 slightly different sessions - 5:15-6:30pm and 7:00-8:00pm (second session has no core work)
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 5:15-6:30pm

**Email Teams by Midnight Sunday**
Copy your coach, Shanlynn, Anna, Julie and Erin to email
Next Meeting: February 1st, Conference Rooms A&B