January 20, 2012

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Sister Team Updates:
            The teams are continuing to have their monthly dinners together.

Community Service Updates:
            No new community service updates.

SGA Updates:
            Love Your Body Week

SAB Update: none

Grant Money Chair Updates:
            -Culture and Diversity $573.88
                        Stacey Davis
                        April 1, 6pm – Vander Vennet
                        Mandatory for all athletes
            -Service $255.91 spent of $800

Plan for each team to buy 2-3 years worth of craft supplies for the Valentine's Day party.
            -Sportsmanship $500
                        Swim team dinner with Albion after Feb. 4th meet

Senior watches:
We have decided to change the watches that graduating seniors receive at the Awards ceremony.  Still considering options.

Future Events:
            -Swimming Senior Day: Saturday, February 4 at 1:00pm
            -Basketball Senior Day: Saturday, February 18 at 3:00pm
-Valentine’s Day Party: Sunday, February 12 – 1-3pm (Mandatory for fall athletes)
-Senior Awards: Sunday, May 6 – 4-6pm
-Athlete of the Week Lunch: Wednesday, May 2 – 11:30-1pm in Earley Conference Rooms

New Business:
Special Education Program
Sarah Copi is in contact with McKinley Elementary School with the idea of athletes doing an event with their K-4th grades.  A field day or Special Olympics events were suggested to take place in the fall.

Strength and Conditioning Class:
            Monday: 515-630pm
            Tuesday: 515-630pm
            Wednesday: 5-615pm

            Swimming: January 20 @ Calvin – 6pm
            Basketball: January 21 @ Alma – 7pm
                            January 25 vs. Trine – 7:30pm

Next meeting: February 3 in Conference Rooms A&B