January 24, 2014

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Rules of SAAC
Only miss one unexcused absence is permitted-let Carolyn know

Team/Sister Team Updates
Volleyball- Pete’s Classes; encouraging other sports to come! Open Gym Sunday. Spring Schedule set for after Spring Break
Soccer-Done since November, starting captains practices on Sundays
Golf- Feb 20 starts, hitting indoors
Tennis-started last Saturday, first match is Feb. 14 at ND
Lacrosse- Started Sunday, 7 weeks until first game
CC- Get healthy again, Many injured, started in March, race being in April, training for Holy Half
Softball- Started Monday, New coach
BB- Olivet Monday lost buzzer beater, Adrian on Wednesday

Secondary Duties
SGA- Janice- coming to basketball game on the 20th?
Bulletin board-CC everything going well.
Social Media- Softball taking over
MIAA SAAC- Sarah Macius

Meetings Friday at noon, meetings now in Madeleva
Pizza days when we have guests!
Julie legislation votes:
    Sports safety package- Passed
    Team doctor- passed
    CPR- Passed
    Street drugs v. prescribed drugs–Passed.
    Coaches cannot do preseason scouting- passed
    Single gender to co-ed institution- passed- 2-3 year wavers
    Triathlon sport for women- passed

Team Impact- Sign on as many teams to team impact, similar to Make A Wish, Assign a child, who ill, to a team that fits the child. Give the child a jersey or locker. The child might not be able to play sports; this is an opportunity for the child to become involved. SIGN US UP!

Belle Award Ideas- During division 3 week. SAAC comes up with awards and coaches and teams vote. SAAC come up with awards by next meeting. Every team come up with two or three. Discussing time. Come with award ideas to next meeting. Creative!
T-shirts- LOVE THE IDEA! Volunteers create t-shirt design: volleyball, lax, CC

Important Dates
Monday April 7th Belle Awards
Athlete of the Week luncheon April 30
Senior Athlete Reception Sunday May 4 at 4:30

Upcoming events
Hope Basketball Game vs. Adrian –Wednesday, January 29 at 7:30

CHAMP CUP POINTS- Jackie works really hard GET TEAMS TO GO!

Pete’s Classes
Monday 5-6:15
Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:30

Leadership Training:
Sun Jan 26 at 7 Spec 145
Sun March 2 at 7 Conference Room DEF
Sun April 13 at 7 Conference Room DEF