March 30, 2012

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Team Updates
XC – started this week, with Pete on Thursday
Basketball – open gym
Volleyball – off-season started on Sunday. Tourney in April
Golf – tournament in Texas over Easter
Softball – lost to Carthage last night, play on April 5th
Tennis – today v. Alma, tomorrow @Trine
Soccer – competition on April 14th, probably at home
Swimming – team dinners

Sister Team Updates
Soccer-Basketball dinner on Sunday
    Golf-treat bags for tennis

Community Service Updates
    Swimming: write-up to Sarah
    Volleyball: Dig for the Cure write-up

SGA Update: Christine
    Apply for position instead of SAAC appointed position

SAB Update: Shanlynn and Kayla
    No news

Stacy Davis Talk: Sunday, April 1 – 6pm in Vander Vennet
    Be there by 5:50pm
    Dinner: Gen, Julia, Sarah, and Audrey
    National Student Athlete Day
    Have questions about student-athlete experiences that impacted her life

MIAA Conference Call: April 11th probably around 7pm
Future Events:
    Senior Awards – Sunday May 6, 4:30-6:30pm
    Athlete of the Week lunch – Wednesday May 2, 11:30-1pm

Strength and Conditioning

Upcoming Competitions
    Tennis: March 30 vs. Alma @4:00
          March 31 @ Trine @ 1:00
    Softball: April 5 vs. Calvin @3:30

New members…?

**Next Meeting: April 20th in Angela!**