November 10, 2013

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Team/Sister Team Updates
Tennis: Little Flower church cookie decorating with softball
Basketball: second scrimmage was on Friday; opening game next Friday; need 1 more sister team dinner with golf;
Lacrosse: done with season until Jan; had sister team dinner with soccer and need one more along with community service;
Volleyball: season over; need one more sister team dinner; 2 players made MIAA teams;
Golf: done with sister team dinners; signed up for Belles for Fitness;
XC: track pick up service over fall break; 3rd place at champs; Jess 2nd MIAA team;
Softball: open gym today; had sister team dinner over fall break; this Saturday Logan center event;
Soccer: ended in 5th in conference; going to Pete’s classes; Logan center December 7th;

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice)
-Bulletin Board (XC)
-Social Media (VB)
-MIAA SAAC (Kaitlin/Callie)—legislation votes: passed proposed limits on recruiting; did not pass the limiting scouting on exhibition/scrimmages; passed women’s triathlon as emerging sport; split on differentiating between performance enhancing drugs and street drugs and their penalties; passed limits on waivers when single gendered institutions are becoming coed;
-Convent (Allie)—Tuesday December 10th @ 6pm or Sunday December 15th @ 2pm—go with option that would allow most people to come

Pete had a baby boy!—Oalken Alan Seal

Next/last meeting of the semester—December 1st (Sunday of Thanksgiving break)—push back until 8

The Belle Awards—Sunday April 6th (Student Athletic Day) or Monday April 7th

Julie open floor—proposed recruiting ideas [read sheet and give feedback] and 360 proof program [implementing in Feb—gives the college a way to gage alcohol usage at the college; anonymous; goal is to make campus safer] and John Stephenson (a groundskeeper) passed away [want teams to make 2 cards for other groundskeepers and wife (Mary)]

Upcoming Events
-Basketball: Nov 15th/16th St. Norbert Tourney
-Cross Country: Nov 16th NCAA Regionals @11am (Calvin)
-Nov 17th: First Green Dot session @1pm

Pete’s Classes
MTR: 5:15-6:30pm

**Email Teams by Midnight Monday**
Copy coach, Shanlynn, Anna and Julie to emal
Next Meeting: 12/1/13 in Conference rooms E/F