November 16, 2014

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Attendance: Carolyn Schafer, President; Kayle Sexton, Secretary; Krista Knapke, Vice President; BB: Sarah Macius, Kelsey Ronan; CC: Kaitlyn Alessi, Colleen Ogren; GO: Janice Heffernan, Courtney Carlson; LAX: Kristen Whalen, Emilie Vanneste; SO: Lindsay Rzepecki, Kathryn Lueking; SB: Caitlyn Migawa, Maria Roberts; TN: Jackie Kjolhede, Shannon Elliot; VB: Meaghan Gibbons, Angela Bukur; SAAC Advisor: Julie Schroeder-Biek


Accept Minutes from 11/2/2014
Motion: Kelsey Ronan
Second: Caitlyn Migawa

Team/Sister Team Updates
• Softball: Kickball tournament update. T-shirt order forms available after meeting. Meeting with team after this to discuss the tournament.
• Basketball: 11/15 lost first game. Team impact communication and ideas. Need another sister team dinner.
• Golf: Second sister team dinner is on Tuesday. Waiting for the total for the fundraiser they did.
• Volleyball: Football parking 11/15, in the snow. Champs points sheets turned in for soccer games.
• Soccer: Last game was at Trine and they tied. Sister Team dinner tomorrow with Softball, details need to be established. Will be in the kickball tournament. Kerry Green made 1st team MIAA and MK made 2nd team. Banquet on December 5th and individual meetings this week with coach.
• Tennis: Last sister team dinner on Thursday. Both community service events are scheduled this week. Kickball on Sunday and also have football parking on Saturday.
• XC: Regionals 11/15, Brittany got 22nd place, and senior Sammy ran a PR. 18th place overall.
• LAX: Needs to schedule another sister team meeting. Planning on meeting at coaches house to decorate. Hannah and Friends spa night. Selling t-shirts to help raise funds for Portland Spring Break trip. “ReLAX” T-shirts should be printed by the end of the week.

Secondary Duties
-SGA : Winter wonderland community service conflicts with Xmas caroling. Possibly RHA? No update from Emilie.
-Bulletin Board (Julie): Meet with Julie afterwards
-Social Media: Angela took over Facebook for two weeks. Twitter Guidelines meeting with Julie. Handle @SaintMarysSAAC
Come up with something to get more likes. SAAC goal to get certain amount of likes for a creative thing.
-Convent – Caroling December 6 @ 2! Mandatory
-MIAA SAAC : No update
• Team Impact! (Krista)
   o Approved for little girl named Bryanna. Not sure when they will meet her. Leadership committee was established. Bring her to practice so its not overwhelming. Conference call with Team Impact rep. on how to communicate and details of program.
   o Have SAAC members sit with her or other athletes if the ramp is too iced over or dangerous, above on track
   o Possible signing event for her.
• Meetings next semester
   o VP

  •   Will not be voted on until spring.

   o Reps – names to Krista
   o Meeting Dates: Fridays at noon.

  •   Jan 23, Feb 13 & Feb 27, Mar 20, April 10 & April 24
  •   Waiting on site confirmation. The January 23 meeting will be in Warner Conference room on the upper level of the student center.

• Champs Points Options coming up

  •   Nutritionist and Alcohol programming

• Champs Points for attending – events TBA

Upcoming Home Events
November 18 Basketball @ 7:30
December 3 Basketball @ 7:30

Pete’s Classes
MTR: 5:15-6:30PM
**Email Teams by Midnight Tuesday**
Copy your coach, Carolyn, and Julie to email
Next meeting: December 7 @ 7pm