October 13, 2013

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Team/Sister Team Updates
• Community service write-ups to Sarah Miesle
• Soccer—started 2nd round of conference play; Kzoo sat (W); Alma Wed;
• Volleyball—sister team dinner 2 weeks ago; community service over fall break;
• Lacrosse—fall season done with scrimmage; scrimmaged ND club team; sister team dinner with soccer this week;
• Cross Country—meet last weekend; 12/18; meet this weekend (Manchester); sister team dinner with volleyball done with sister team activities; community service over fall break;
• Golf—last tournament of fall season done (2nd in conference; Lexi got sportsmanship award; 2 named to all conference 1st team; 1 named to all conference 2nd team)
• Tennis—fall season done; community service yesterday;
• Basketball—season starts Tuesday; football parking Sat; dinner with golf;
• Softball—alumnae game done; fall season done;

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice)—no news;
-Bulletin Board (XC)—updated;
-Social Media (VB)—got password, so will update;
-MIAA SAAC (Kaitlin/Callie)—wait for Julie to go through this information next meeting;
-Convent (Allie)—will get info;

Card for Pete and his wife—one big card from all the teams; people can sign card in Julie’s office;

Champs Cup—remember to put team forms in to Jackie for points;

November 10th, Social Media discussion - Need 8-12 reps to attend/give opinions on issues: Kati; Carolyn; Allie; Maria; Callie; Jen; Lexi; Sammie;

Volleyball Belles Against Violence game [Nov 1st at 7pm]—make mandatory for all teams and must stay for majority of game; ask if anyone wants t-shirts;

Upcoming Events
-Oct 13th: Leadership skills session with Coach Bauters @ 7 (DEF)
-Volleyball: Oct 15th, vs. Olivet @7:00PM
-Soccer: Oct 16th, vs. Alma @4:00PM
-Cross Country: Oct 19th, Manchester Invitational @11:00AM

Pete’s Classes
MTR: 5:15-6:30PM

**Email Teams by Midnight Monday**
Copy your coach, Shanlynn, Anna, and Julie to email
Next meeting: 10/27/13 in Conference Rooms E/F