October 7, 2011

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Team Updates

Tennis: tournament in Kalamazoo
              Working on getting together for their sister dinner
Soccer: Lost to Hope 0-2 on Oct. 6
           Beat Olivet 3-0 on Oct. 8
Softball:  Alumnae game Oct. 8 (W 9-4)
              Sister dinner with volleyball on Oct. 2
Cross Country: Last Sunday (Oct. 1) race in Chicago
                      Alumnae race on Oct. 8
Basketball: Start season on Oct. 15
                 Thinking of doing service over fall break
Volleyball: Kalamazoo Oct. 7 (L 1-3)
                Calvin Oct. 8 (L 0-3)
Swimming: Meet Oct. 22

SAAC Board – Publicity Committee

Kayla Wolter and Shanlynn Bias
            *everyone can add to board and facebook

Grant Money Updates

Culture and Diversity ($573.88): Julia Kenney
            Talking to CWIL about a possible speaker
            If we get our request in by 11/1 we can possibly get more money

Service ($800): Sarah Copi
            Parties - $400

Sportsmanship ($500): Emma Baker
            Goodie bags for fall sports
            Thinking of doing more for winter and fall sports

Pep Rally Update

October 24, 8-10:30pm
In Angela after volleyball practice
Fall sports have to be there, everyone else should be there to support

Halloween Party: October 30

- Committee schedule a time to meet to Erin
- Each team has 2 crafts
            No craft overlap
            Teams email Kate Mitchell by 10/14 with your craft
- Allowed up to $50 for Halloween Party craft supplies for 2-3 years
- See Erin for tax-exempt forms
            Walmart is easiest, see Erin or Coach Henley for card
- Keep receipts to be reimbursed
- Remind teams about attendance policy and COSTUMES

NCAA DIII Texting Rule

- They are looking for feedback to change the rule against texting
- Rule says that coaches cannot text recruits.  Current players can text recruits but not on behalf of the school or athletic department.
- Need a volunteer to create a survey to see where athletes are at with the idea of allowing coaches to text recruits as a way of communication.
            The rule would still restrict Facebook and Twitter
- Liz is making a survey on Survey Monkey to get athletes' thoughts on texting rule.
*Questions if rule is changed: recruits feel obligated to respond? Getting texts during school day?

Fall Break: Help Needed

Any teams available to help with the soccer and volleyball games over fall break?
            10/18: Soccer at 4pm – ball girls (Swim team)
            10/21: Volleyball at 7pm – every position needed!
            10/22: Volleyball at 7pm – (Soccer? XC?)
            10/22: Soccer at noon – (Basketball?)

Keep in Mind:

Valentines Day Party: 2/12/12
Committee: Jess, Stephanie, Christi
Convent Decorating: Gen
            1 Sunday in December?

Meeting with Dave Thursday October 27 @ 8am, Conference A and B
            He'll be at soccer on Wednesday night, so meeting is moved to Thursday
First half of the meeting will be informative, so come with input, something to say, questions!  Maybe have a handout and tell him all about what we have been doing (publicity: facebook page, bulletin board; grant money usage; Halloween party…)

New Business

- Uganda Summer Practicum Presentation – Monday October 10, 7pm in Carroll Auditorium.
- Support Belles athletes who went to Uganda (Kelley Murphy, Meg Rose).
- Belles For Africa t-shirts sold throughout the week in the DH
- Miss-a-meal the Friday before Fall Break for Belles For Africa!  Sign up next week in the DH.

- Annie Doyle is co-hosting the founder of The Foundation for Tomorrow (TFFT) to come speak the upcoming Tuesday Oct. 11 at 8pm in Carroll.  She will speak about the non-profit organization she started that helps support orphaned children in Tanzania through their schooling.  Annie spent 5 weeks there interning with this organization and would love support and attendance from the Athletic Department.

Strength and Conditioning
Monday – 5:15-6:30pm
Tuesday – 7:15-8:30am AND/OR  5:15-6:30pm
Thursday – 6-7pm

Upcoming Competitions
            Soccer: Saturday at Olivet
            Cross Country: Alumnae Race 9:30am
            Volleyball: Calvin
            Softball: Alumnae Game

Next Meeting Date

October 27 at 8am in Conference Rooms A and B