September 23, 2011

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Team Updates

- Soccer: Currently 5-2 for the season and 1-2 for the MIAA. They play on Wednesday, September 28 at Calvin.
- Cross Country: Saturday they have their Jamboree at Trine.
- Volleyball: They beat Trine Tuesday. They play against Hope today and have a tri-meet with Adrian and Manchester on Saturday, September 24.
- Golf: Finished 3 at Hope Jamboree. Currently in 3 for the MIAA. They play at DePauw this weekend and Thursday, September 29 at Albion.
- Basketball: They are out of season, but they have been attending Pete’s workouts.
- Softball: They are half way through their fall season.
- Swimming: They are in their second week of practice.
- Tennis: They are practicing and have a meet October 1 at Kalamazoo.

Service Updates

-          Cross Country: They are volunteering at The Race for Zero
-          Swimming: They are helping with the Special Olympics once a week. 

Sister Team Updates

- Sister teams should be putting up information on the SAAC board in Angela.
- Sister team dinners for October should be planned.
- Update the SAAC Facebook with information going on about teams.

RHA Update

-          There will be a pep rally at 6:30 on Friday, October 24th for all fall athletes.
-          At 7:00 athletes will be introduced. Fall athlete attendance is mandatory.
-          The location is to be announced.

Vice President/ Secretary Nominations

-          Maddie Meckes is now Vice President
-          Emily Sherwood is voted as Secretary/Treasurer


-          MIAA Reps: Stephanie Bodien and Kaitlin Teichman
-          SGA Rep: Christine Brown
-          SAB Rep: Gen Spittler

MIAA Retreat
-          It will take place November 2.

Grant Money

-          Sportsmanship: Emma
-          Service: Sarah
-          Culture and Diversity: Julia


-          Halloween Party: Kate, Emily and Margaret
-          Valentine's Party: Jess, Stephanie, and Christi
-          Convent Decorating: Gen

Strength and Conditioning

-          Monday: 5:15 to 6:30pm
-          Tuesday: 7:15 to 8:30am and/or 5:15 to 6:30pm
-          Thursday: 6:00 to 7:00pm

Upcoming Competitions

-          Soccer: Saturday at Albion 12:00pm
-          Cross Country: Saturday at MIAA Jamboree (Trine) 10:30am
-          Volleyball: Friday at Hope 7:00pm
-          Golf: Saturday and Sunday at DePauw

Next Meeting: October 7 in Science 132