September 21, 2012

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Soccer: 4-0-1, Alma on Saturday, no sister team (swimming), big win against Adrian
Softball: practice this week, no sister team (basketball) or community service
XC: Jamboree tonight, Alumnae race tomorrow, sister team – Golf sign, community service – Logan Center
Swimming: first week of practices, community service – Rock Your Body at the Health Department (picture?)
Tennis: (email about sister team for volleyball)
Volleyball: 3-1 in conference, game tonight, community service – October 10th Crush It!
Basketball: start 10/17, open gyms, community service – St. Margaret’s House, Special Olympics
Golf: tournament yesterday, tied for 3rd, community service – Logan Center, sister team – dinner with XC

Making year long goals

Big Turkey Bowl/Midnight Madness event in November

Grant $
Granola bars and Gatorade for the Jamboree today ($187)
Golf tournament: talked to Coach Hamilton

Crush It! Updates
October 10th volleyball event
Talking to Julie Monday or Tuesday

December 2nd, 2pm (about an hour)

Craft Boxes
Get rid of your box in McCandless within the next week
Do with it whatever you want

Bulletin Board/Facebook
Schedules up on bulletin board
Put pictures on facebook
Champs cup info on bulletin board

Champs Cup
SAAC reps are leaders for the events
Update events within one week

Action Items
Crush It! Update from Kayla and volleyball
Community Service update from XC

**Email teams by midnight on Sunday
    CC Emily, Maddie, Erin, Coach, Julie

Pete’s classes:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:15-6:30