September 29, 2013

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Team/Sister Team Updates
Soccer-game Sat (W); Adrian game Wed.;
Volleyball-halfway through conference round 1 games (4th); Kalamazoo on Friday; fundraiser for domestic violence game-maybe all teams;
Tennis-weekend tournament went well; last week of practices;
Lacrosse-practice started;
Basketball-open gyms/Pete’s classes; tryouts 2 weeks;
Cross Country-Jamboree on Sat (4th); Hanover next weekend; sister team dinner with vb Thursday;
Softball-fall ball/Pete’s classes; alumnae game: Sat.;
Golf-second conference tournament on Sat (2nd); next MIAA Wednesday and then Saturday;
• Nicole/Mary, Logan Center events—getting schedule to email to teams;

Secondary Duties
-SGA (Janice)—Support a Belle Love a Belle (Oct. 6-12) yellow and green colors for soccer game on 12th; punch card reward system for students to encourage them to go to games—prizes for going to athletic events; October Friday game for SGA, volleyball?
-Bulletin Board (XC)—updated;
-Social Media (VB)—volleyball needs password;
-MIAA SAAC (Kaitlin/Callie)—discussing (5) proposed legislation (next meeting);
-Convent (Allie)
• LeAnn Moore, Director of Activities at the Convent (574-284-5678)

Vice President: CAROLYN and Secretary Elections: KAYLE

Green Dot-good days/split sessions: splitting sessions so less time commitment on weekends; session over fall break?

New Crush It event for volleyball player’s husband who suffered a stroke? Cindy and John; Card from each team;

Career Athletics (Meredith)—networking site for jobs and internships; counts for Champs points;

Leadership Summit discussion: good but too short; want more specifics about being a woman; maybe work within teams? But nice to meet people form other teams; more physically interactive activities would help to engage participants more;

November 10th, Social Media discussion - Need 8-12 reps to attend/give opinions on issues

Upcoming Events
-Oct 18th: Lunch with Board of Trustees and President Mooney
-Volleyball: Oct 1st, at Adrian @7:00PM
-Soccer: Oct 2nd, vs. Adrian @4:00PM
-Golf: Oct 2nd, at Calvin - Thornapple Pointe (MIAA #3) @1:00PM
-Cross Country: Oct 5th, Pre-Nationals (Hanover) @11:00AM

Pete’s Classes
MTR: 5:15-6:30PM

**Email Teams by Midnight Monday**
Copy your coach, Shanlynn, Anna, and Julie to email
Next meeting: 10/13/13 in Warner