September 7, 2014

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Motioned to approve by Maria Roberts, Seconded by Sarah Macius

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Meeting
Date: 9/7/2014
Attendance: Carolyn Schafer, President; Kayle Sexton, Secretary; Krista Knapke, Vice President; BB: Sarah Macius, Kelsey Ronan; CC: Kaitlyn Alessi, Colleen Ogren, Allie Danhof; GO: Janis Heffernan, Courtney Carlson; LAX: Kristen Whalen, Emilie Vanneste; SO: Lindsay Rzepecki, Kathryn Lueking; SB: Caitlyn Migawa, Maria Roberts; TN:  Jackie Kjolhede, Shannon Elliot; VB: Meaghan Gibbons, Angela Bukur; SAAC Advisor: Julie Schroeder-Biek    (Due to Soccer away game, arrived 30 minutes late.)

Sister Team Updates

  • Softball- Start 9/8, Going to Grand Rapids and play round robin tournament, going to the soccer match the 24, 10 freshmen!
  • Basketball- Open gym Wednesday, going to Pete, season starts October
  • Lax- Sept. 13 season starts, went and watched volleyball, 11 new players,
  • Volleyball- winning weekend, Trine on Wednesday
  • XC- Alumnae race went well, Wabash run took 2nd place, young team, Calvin this weekend
  • Tennis- Start Thursday, dinner with golf soon
  • Golf- tournament at weekend 3rd place, 3 new freshman, O’Brien next weekend at Warren Golf Course

Secondary Duties

  • SAAC constitution Ratification
    • Selection process for SAAC members, talk to each other and communicate with coach. Coach should be involved. One-year position. Attendance- two unexcused, must have 2.5 gpa, must follow code of conduct, must be on a sports roster to be on SAAC. Establish committees. If you want to be president, vice president you must have endorsement by coach. If a team is away at game, sister team must email them the information from SAAC meeting. 2 service project- special Olympics and one at school. Attendance is mandatory at service. Mandatory to send write up and picture from special event.
  • Responsibilities
    • Be at every meeting- email Carolyn if not by Friday, 2 serves projects every semester
    • Committees:
      • Social media (Maria, Ang and Caitlyn)-posting on facebook,
      • convent (Emilie, Janice)- meet with sisters with the SAAC members and
      • bulletin board (XC, Courtney and Kristen)-update three boards in gym… Come up with goals by the next meeting
      • Team meetings in person talk about your position, what SAAC is, go over constitution and student athlete handbook- report back to Carolyn by next meeting.
  • Student athlete handbook
    • Talk about this with your team in small meeting. Standards of Student Athlete conduct—grievances/conflict management, talk to coach, do not start gossip, go to Julie if necessary, we do not want things to get bigger than necessary. Drug and Tobacco- no. Alcohol- If you’re 21 you can drink 48 hours before competition, binge drinking is never ok, binge drink- excessive drinking, drunk on your butt, don’t want Julie to see you. You can lose part of your season for not only drinking but also inappropriate social media posts etc. Warning about social media be careful.
  • Music policy- Sarah goes over ever song and screen music, be aware of what music is suggesting, Safe CD might become an option.
  • Last people on MIAA SAAC- Maria and Sarah- Met at Trine and went to NCAA headquarters in Indy this summer. They looked at think tank and talked about many programs such as, 360 Proof program- gives you facts about how much you drink. They also went on tour of the headquarters. Talked to National SAAC rep. In 2 years you can become National SAAC rep. After the game you can go on this website and find jobs. Polar Plunge for special Olympics- in January- competition between teams, who can bring the most members.
  • SGA rep- Meetings Tuesday 9pm- Emily  
  • Volleyball- Domestic Violence – Oct. 3rd. SAAC be a part of game
  • Preserving what it means to be a Belle, on our website, feedback is welcome

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 10 Volleyball vs Trine
  • Sept. 11 Soccer vs Kalamazoo
  • Sept. 13 Soccer vs Alma
  • Sept 14-15 Golf: O’Brien National Invitational
  • Sept. 16 Volleyball vs Calvin
  • Sept. 19 Volleyball vs Kalamazoo

Next meeting: September 21 @ 7PM

Submitted by SAAC Secretary, Kayle Sexton