• A Saint Mary’s student applies knowledge of literary genres, terms, and/or theories to the interpretation of English literary texts or literary texts translated into English.
  • A Saint Mary’s student analyzes literary texts both as forms of cultural and artistic expression and as vehicles for enduring values.
  • A Saint Mary’s student recognizes how literary texts construct human identities.

NOTE:  The Sophia Program represents a dynamic curriculum with regular changes and new courses certified for particular learning outcomes.  The following lists of Sophia Program course certifications are accurate at the time of publication.  Not all sections of all courses have been certified for the Sophia Program.  The class schedule search feature in PRISM, as well as the current schedule pdf, provides section-level certification details.

Achieve Literature Learning Outcomes through one of the following:

ENLT 106W Language and Literature (designated topics)    
3.5 hours
ENLT 109W Language and Literature (designated topics)
4 hours
ENLT 203
Studies in Literature (designated topics)
3 hours
ENLT 243
Greek Literature
3 hours
ENLT 268
From Fiction to Film
3 hours
ENLT 308 Arthurian Literature 3 hours
ENLT 334 Studies in World Literature (designated topics) 3 hours
ENLT 343
20th Century British Literature
3 hours
ENLT 361RM Mythology (cross listed with HUST 261RM) 3 hours
ENLT 365
African-American Literature
3 hours
ENLT 370
Studies in American Literature (designated topics)
3 hours
ENLT 371
Studies in European Literature (designated topics)
3 hours
ENLT 372
Studies in English Literature (designated topics)
3 hours
ENLT 374 Studies in World Literature (designated topics) 3 hours
ENLT 375
American Literature to 1865
3 hours
ENLT 376
American Literature 1865 to 1945
3 hours
ENLT 377
American Literature 1945 to Present
3 hours
ENLT 378 Medieval Literature
3 hours
ENLT 379
16th/17th-Century British Literature
3 hours
ENLT 381 Romantic Movement 3 hours
ENLT 382 Victorian Literature 3 hours
ENLT 383
20th Century British Literature
3 hours
ENLT 384
Romantic Era Feminism
3 hours
ENLT 411
Chaucer 3 hours
ENLT 413
Shakespeare 3 hours
ENLT 414
Shakespeare and the Power of Art
3 hours
ENLT 415
Shakespeare and His World
3 hours
ENLT 417
Major Literary Figures (designated topics)
3 hours
ENLT 419RM Major Literary Figures: World Writers in Italy 3 hours
HUST 103
Lives and Times
3 hours
HUST 261RM Mythology (cross listed with ENLT 361RM) 3 hours
HUST 292
Greek and Roman Culture
3 hours
MLTF 230
Love, Sex, and Marriage in French Literature
3 hours
MLTS 135 Women Making Mischief 3 hours