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The European Summer Study Program introduces you to European history, arts, culture, business and a host of other exceptional topics. This four-week program takes place each summer from mid-May to mid-June, and provides a manageable study abroad experience for those that may not be able to engage in study travel in a full semester program. Classes are offered, not in the usual four-walled setting, but instead in the places where important events happened. Students picnic in the Bois de Vincennes while talking about the importance of cafe and promenade culture in Paris, attend a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre to learn about historic performance, and learn about the Irish Rebellion of 1916 in front of the General Post Office in Dublin where it began.

Students take three or six credits and apply them toward their general elective needs.

In the past, program participants have visited Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and Paris. New sites are visited each year. Our accommodations range from B&Bs to hostels, to hotels.

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Melissa B Bialko, MFA
Faculty Coordinator, European Summer Study Program
(574) 284-4653

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