Additional Set Features

Additional Set Features


You wish to hold a call while you make another call or answer an incoming call

  • Press an idle or ringing line key or feature button
  • Diamond next to current line button flashes
  • Diamond next to new line button lights up
  • The first line is automattically put on hold.


To put a call on hold:

  • Press HOLD button.
  • Diamond next to the current line button flashes

To return to the held call:

  • Press the line button next to the flashing diamond
  • Diamond next to the line button becomes solid


When the person you are talkin to places you on hold, you are able to also place them on hold and listen for them to return over the speaker

  • Press the HOLD button.
  • The diamond next to the current line button flashes.
  • Hang up your head set.
  • Press the line button next to the flashing diamond.
  • The diamond now becomes solid and your speaker is now open.
  • Lift the handset to continue the conversation when they return.


  • Press any idle line button, the speaker is activated.
  • Dial the telephone number you want.
  • When you hear someone answer, lift the handset and begin your conversation.