SMC vs. Case Western

Belles Fall to Case Western to Open Season

NOTRE DAME, Ind. - The Saint Mary's tennis team opened up their 2010 season with a tough 7-2 loss to Case Western Reserve on Friday night at Notre Dame's Eck Tennis Pavilion.

The visiting Spartans got off to a strong start in the doubles competitions as they quickly took leads at all three spots.  The Belles put up a fight at each doubles slot, but Case Western was able to take all three victories.

The Belles were able to pick up wins at #4 and #5 singles on the evening.  Franca Peluso battled throughout her match at #4 singles.  After edging out her opponent 7-5 in the first set, Peluso took a 4-1 advantage in her second set.  Her counterpart from Case Western took the next two games to make the set 4-3, but Peluso was able to close out her match with a 6-3 decision in the set.

At #5 singles, Mary Therese Lee also had a hard-fought match.  The junior took the opening set in commanding fashion by a 6-1 score.  Lee found herself down in the second set, but chipped away to tie the set at 5-5 and eventually take the set 7-5 for her first collegiate singles victory.

The Belles will be back in action next Friday night when they host NAIA opponent Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) at 6:00 p.m. at the Eck Tennis Pavilion.

Case Western Reserve 7, Saint Mary's College 2

 Singles competition
1. Lewis, Samantha (CASEW) def. Jillian Hurley (SMC) 6-1, 6-3
2. Lim, Erika (CASEW) def. Camille Gebert (SMC) 6-0, 6-0
3. Pham, Emily (CASEW) def. Jessica Kosinski (SMC) 6-0, 6-1
4. Franca Peluso (SMC) def. Evers, Kathleen (CASEW) 7-5, 6-3
5. Mary Therese Lee (SMC) def. Bowen, Corey (CASEW) 6-1, 7-5
6. Chambers, Cheyenne (CASEW) def. Kate Grabarek (SMC) 7-5, 6-1

 Doubles competition
1. Lim, Erika/Pham, Emily (CASEW) def. Camille Gebert/Franca Peluso (SMC) 8-2
2. Evers, Kathleen/Lewis, Samantha (CASEW) def. Jillian Hurley/Mary Therese Lee (SMC) 8-4
3. Bowen, Corey/Chambers, Cheyenne (CASEW) def. Jessica Kosinski/Cara Rectanus (SMC) 8-6

Match Notes:
#7 singles - Nanami Nai (CASEW) def. Monica Way (SMC), 8-6
#8 singles - Brigid Hurley (SMC) def. Linda Livi (CASEW), 8-3