Francie Diep:  Cyberbullying Lecture
Francie Diep: Cyberbullying Lecture
September 13, 2018
Start Time: 
6:30 PM
End Time: 
8:00 PM
Vander Vennet Theatre
Free admission

A victim of bullying when she was a teenager, Francie Diep eventually confronted the individual who broke into her Yahoo account and left a string of hateful messages for three years. She will discuss the pain and the eventual outcome of her bullying experience. Francie Diep is a staff writer at Pacific Standard and a science journalist by training. Before she began writing, she spent a summer learning how traditional Chinese medicine is taught and used in Hangzhou; a year tutoring kids in Mar Vista Gardens and other public housing in Los Angeles; and two years volunteering at a San Fernando Valley hospital, where she watched births, surgeries, and many other procedures.