The Snail and the Whale
April 26, 2014
Start Time: 
2:30 PM
End Time: 
4:30 PM
O'Laughlin Auditorium
Senior Citizens: 
SMC/ND/HCC Faculty and Staff: 
SMC/ND/HCC Students: 

A little snail longs to see the world, so she hitches a lift on the tail of a humpback whale. But when the whale gets beached, how will the snail save him? Join the snail’s surprising journey as told by a daring girl and her seafaring father.

This family-oriented production is the last installment of this year's Shaheen/Duggan Performing Arts Series.

The Snail and the Whale is the story of a snail that hitches a ride on the tail of a humpback whale in an effort to explore the world. When the whale becomes beached, the snail takes it upon herself to save the beloved creature. The story is told through the eyes of a daring young girl and highlights her relationship with her seafaring father.

The Tall Stories Theatre Company is based out of the United Kingdom but works out of Texas for their performances in the United States, as well as in Canada and Bermuda. The play includes six different parts that will be played by three actors, with each member being double cast.

The show features live music that will be accompanied by a violin on stage. "The show is narrated with upbeat music so it will be very lively and active for the children", said Director of Special Events Richard Baxter. "This is going to be a really fun and heartwarming show."

The Snail and the Whale is intended for children ages 4-8, but will be fun to watch at any age!

Shaheen/Duggan Performing Arts Series
Presented by Tall Stories Theatre Company