The Nature of Forgetting
Shaheen-Duggan Performance Series
The Nature of Forgetting
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Start Time: 
7:30 PM
Moreau Center for the Arts
O’Laughlin Auditorium

Adults: $13
Seniors: $12
SMC/ND/HCC Faculty/Staff: $10
Students $8

At the intersection of art and science, The Nature of Forgetting bursts with creativity, joy and heartache. Collaborating with London neuroscientist Kate Jeffery, Theatre Re has created a moving articulation of the countless dimensions of memory and amnesia, linking science with real life experiences. Through movement of great physicality and compelling live music, The Nature of Forgetting is the story of Tom-a middle aged father struggling in the early stages of dementia. The piece, and Tom’s memories, are a life-affirming journey into a weakened mind, where broken does not have to mean defeated. A journey of shining humanity and celebration of a life well lived