Why a Women’s College?

Saint Mary's students exercising on exercise bikesWe offer many of the features you'll find at other colleges:

  • Excellent academics
  • Collaboration with professors and peers 
  • Intellectually and academically challenging
  • Career prep
  • Internship and research opportunities

But you'll also find these qualities at Saint Mary's that you may not find at other colleges:

  • Meaningful relationships   
  • Mentoring between students as well as between faculty and students
  • Supportive environment
  • Every student-leadership position is held by women

“Saint Mary’s does not make the women who attend here; it is the women that make Saint Mary’s.” ~Alex Kane

Measurable Differences
Studies done by the Women’s College Coalition show that women's college graduates:

  • Score higher on standardized achievement tests
  • More likely to pursue traditionally male-dominated disciplines such as math and the sciences
  • An 81 percent chance of continuing their education after college

Remarkable Achievers
Graduates of women’s colleges tend to hold higher positions in their careers,

  • representing 33 percent of the women board members of Fortune 1000 companies 
  • more than 20 percent of the women in Congress 
  • three US Representatives are graduates of Saint Mary’s College

As a student at a women’s college, you are more than twice as likely to earn a doctoral degree or enter medical school than women who graduate from coeducational colleges.