What to Expect at the Writing Center


The Writing Center offers assistance to any writer—weak to proficient—who wants to write better. We can support you as you work on the wide range of writing projects you will encounter during your four years at Saint Mary’s College: from W portfolios to senior comprehensives. We usually allow an hour for each tutorial. You can drop in or call to make an appointment (574-284-4710). During your appointment, we will first ask about your assignment, so be sure to bring your assignment sheet with you. If you haven’t started writing yet, we can brainstorm ideas and help you generate material for your topic. If you bring in a draft, we’ll ask you about your greatest areas of concern. Then we’ll read your paper carefully and discuss it with you. Many of our remarks will be posed as questions. We want to help you think through ways to improve your paper—while you maintain ownership of your text. Ordinarily, we first discuss global issues, such as thesis, support, and organization, but we also provide help with grammar and punctuation. We don’t write for you; we make suggestions and teach you skills that will strengthen your writing proficiency. Our main goal is to help you become a better writer, which, in turn, should improve the quality of everything you write.