Master of Science in Data Science

Saint Mary's offers a primarily online Master of Science in Data Science program open to both men and women. With just 2-3 classes per term, the curriculum is designed to allow you to work and complete your course assignments just about anywhere, with the faculty support and attention that is a hallmark of our undergraduate education.

In our Master of Science in Data Science program, you'll develop into a professional practitioner with deep analytical skills.

You will:

  • Learn to manipulate data rather than performing simple surface analysis
  • Take courses in applied statistics with an application-focused approach to regression analysis and related techniques - knowledge companies prize in data scientists
  • Understand the algorithms of data mining, processing, and visualization

For Mike Durham, a Saint Mary's student and solution architect with the Teradata Corporation, the increased analytics skills have significantly elevated his ability to find and interpret meaningful data patterns - and he's only just finished year one of the program. "I'm able to dig beyond what a simple analyst can do, and not only tell them what happened, but why it happened, and why we came up with the answers we did."

Hear more about the program from Durham, his classmates, and professors:

During the program, you'll have a chance to engage in a real-world practicum that involves developing data analysis tools and applying them to a pressing need at an organization. Learn about Mike Durham's practicum project, which involved analyzing the mission capability of military planes. 

Pursue Your Master's Degree While Still a Senior at Saint Mary's

Current Saint Mary's College students may apply to the Master of Science in Data Science program during their second semester junior year. If admitted, students may take up to two graduate level courses in the data science program while still a senior at Saint Mary's. Learn more about the application requirements.