Center for Spirituality

Center for Spirituality


Welcome to the Center for Spirituality, where we approach spirituality as both an academic discipline and as a way of life. The mission of the Center is to contribute to the cultivation of a theologically well-grounded spirituality among members of the entire college community. This includes alumnae and friends of the College, both locally and nationally. The Center offers programs that address contemporary religious issues, creating a network for education in spirituality, especially for women.

At the Center, we explore questions such as...

Is it possible to be intelligent and religious? Can one be a believer and a thinker at the same time?

The Catholic tradition affirms the ultimate harmony of faith and reason and Center programs probe this relationship. We are a place "where faith and reason meet."

What does spirituality have to do with social justice?

Inspired by the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, we emphasize the social dimensions of spirituality. A key component of our mission is the incorporation of the voices of people who are poor or marginalized by society.

Where can I get involved in conversations about issues that have a faith dimension and that really matter to people, especially during these troubled times?

We host projects like the Catholic Common Ground Initiative which invites the college community to discuss issues of concern as they arise. We also invite scholars to campus to engage the community and the public in discussion of critical issues related to theology and spirituality. You can contribute to these discussions! Please join us for a lecture, discussion group. or conversation.

 Upcoming Events/News

The Resurrection in the Gospel of John Illuminated through The Saint John's Bible

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