Founded in 1984 by Dr. Keith Egan with generous support from the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the Center for the Study of Spirituality offers programs that promote the engagement between faith and reason and the connection between mind, body, and spirit. A hub for scholarly and public engagement, we draw on intellectual resources in the Catholic and Christian heritage as well as how individuals practice faith in their daily lives to develop critical conversations around contemporary religious issues, especially as they relate to women’s experiences in society, the academy, and the church.


Details about the "Teresa of Ávila and Peacemaking in a Nuclear Age" Conference here: [Click Here For More Information and Registration Details]


Office Location 

We've moved!  You can now find the Center for Spirituality in 138 Madeleva Hall. Our mailing address is now Center for Spirituality, Saint Mary's College, 138 Madeleva Hall, Notre Dame, IN  46556. 

Now Online

Past CFS lectures are now available to watch from your computer. Click on Lecture Videos to see our online offerings.

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