PRISM for Parents

Saint Mary’s College offers parents the opportunity to view selected College related information about their daughters through PRISM. Students have complete control of their information in PRISM and also have the option to give their parents their own User ID and PIN to view pre-selected information (so the parents would not need to use the student’s User ID and PIN). Complete instructions through FAQs can be found below. Questions about PRISM for Parents can be addressed to

For set-up information see Instructions for Students and Instructions for Parents, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I login to PRISM for Parents?

You must first obtain your PRISM User ID (a 9 digit number) from your daughter. (If you are an Alumna or SMC employee you will already have a PRISM User ID.) This will be available to her when she authorizes her parents to view selected information. Each parent will have his/her own User ID.

  • If you are an Alum or SMC Employee you will already have your User ID and PIN, continue to use both.
  • If you are NOT an Alum or SMC Employee your daughter must provide you with a User ID and your initial PIN (your initial PIN will either be your birthdate, if it is in our database, or the last 6 digits of the User ID).
  • During your first login, you will be required to change the initial PIN, and setup a security question/answer (see information below).The PIN may be letters or numbers, but must be 6 characters

How do I see my daughter's information?

After you have been granted access by your daughter, you can view her information by following the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to PRISM.
  2. Select "Enter Secure Area".
  3. Enter your User ID and PIN. Click on LOGIN (NOTE: during the initial login you will be required to change your PIN, and set up a security question and answer. Your should contact your daughter if you need assistance with navigation or if you experience difficulties with PRISM.)
  4. From the Main Menu, select "PRISM for Parents".
  5. From the "PRISM for Parents" menu choose "Select Student". SUBMIT.
  6. Click on student from the drop down box. SUBMIT. You will then return to the menu.
  7. Select "View Information" (NOTE: If you receive the message "No student records available, please contact your daughter", your daughter has not authorized you to see any information.)
  8. Select the information you wish to view.
  9. Exit and close browser when you are finished.

If your daughter had previously given you her PRISM User ID and PIN, she should now change her PIN and you should begin using your own User ID and PIN from this point forward.