Welcome to the Career Crossings Office

At Career Crossings, we connect, inspire and empower Saint Mary’s College students and graduates in their career pursuits.

While at Saint Mary’s, you’ll discover exceptional opportunities to learn what it takes to become a highly regarded and motivated professional. Through individualized career counseling sessions, comprehensive career planning resources, and engaging workshops and events, Career Crossings helps you discover your strengths, explore your options and chart a path to success.

Career Crossings Leads to Success

Career Crossings helps Saint Mary’s undergraduate and graduate students launch rewarding and fulfilling careers. From landing a position at a Fortune 500 company to securing a coveted role at Reddit, here are a few of the inspiring stories showcasing the diverse opportunities Saint Mary’s College students have gone on to with the help of our dedicated career counselors.

of our graduates complete at least one internship or professional preparation experience.
of graduates are employed full-time, earning a graduate degree, or involved in other full-time endeavors within one year of graduation.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Career Crossings Office is dedicated to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, where Saint Mary’s College students and graduates of all identities are empowered to explore, discover, design and pursue their own version of career success.

Career Crossings is committed to serving undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, community members and employers of all backgrounds with comprehensive career planning and services that reflect multicultural awareness and inclusion.

We work to provide opportunities for students and graduates to explore their own intersectional identities and to develop an understanding of the global and intercultural fluency needed for career success.

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