Faculty Profiles

Susan Alexander

Environmental Studies
Film Studies
98 Spes Unica Hall, Rm 262 E



PhD, Southern Illinois University
BA, MA, Illinois State University

Research Interests 

  • American masculinity
  • Social construction of gender
  • Popular culture
  • Media

Courses Recently Taught 

  • GWS 220: Introduction to LGBTQ studies
  • SOC 222: Contested masculinities
  • SOC 319: Social theories
  • SOC 382: Sociology of popular culture
  • SOC 203W: Social problems

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • Alexander, Susan M., Sonalini Sapra. “Post it on the Wall: Using Facebook to Complement Student Learning in Gender and Women’s Studies Courses.” Feminist Teacher 23(2) (2014): 142-157.
  • Alexander, Susan M., Kelsey Collins. “From Patriotic Troops to Branded Boyhood: Hegemonic boyhood masculinity as depicted on Boy’s Life magazine, 1911-2012.” Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 8(1) (2015): 84-109.
  • “The Corporate Masquerade: Branding Masculinity through Halloween Costumes.”  The Journal of Men’s Studies 22(3) (2014): 180-193.
  • “Questioning Masculine Performativity: The Basis of Marital Conflict in Advice Columns, 1965-2004.” Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Special Issue on Popular Culture 15(1) (2010): 53-76.
  • "Stylish Hard Bodies: Branded Masculinity in Men's Health Magazine."  Sociological Perspectives 46(4) (2003): 535-554.
  • "The Gender Role Paradox in Youth Culture: An Analysis of Women in Music Videos." Michigan Sociological Review 13 (1999): 46-64.