Thomas A. Fogle

Faculty Profiles

Tom Fogle

Thomas A. Fogle



PhD, North Carolina State University
MA, Southern Illinois University
BA, Thiel College

Research Interests 

  • Theoretical and historical constructs of the gene
  • DNA applications for predicting human phenotypes
  • Intersections between scientific rationality and Christion faith
  • Effects of health supplements on metabolism
  • Laboratory education in biology

Courses Recently Taught 

  • BIO 153: Foundations of biology
  • BIO 221: Introduction to genetics
  • BIO 270: Environments of Ecuador
  • BIO 310: Teaching in biology
  • BIO 485: Research in biology

Professional Experience 

  • Has been instrumental in the expansion of international study, leading several study abroad programs, over the past fifteen years
  • Has a background in genetic counseling and has published more than two dozen research papers, reviews, and technical reports
  • Recipient of the Spes Unica service award
  • Recipient of the Maria Pieta teaching award

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • "The dissolution of protein coding genes in The Concept of the gene in development and evolution." Cambridge University Press (2000): pp 1-25.
  • "Faith and Reason: A quest for intersections in a modern scientific world."  Faith and Reason lecture series, 2014.

Professional Memberships 

Association for Biology Laboratory Education
Genetics Society of America
American Society of Human Genetics
Sigma Xi