Class Profile

Meet the Class of 2019

This August, Saint Mary's College welcomed the Class of 2019 to the Saint Mary's family. The class included 419 first-year students.

Diversity Profile

  • 31 states represented
  • 4 countries represented
  • 19% of the class are from historically underrepresented groups.

Academic Profile

High School GPA % of Class
3.91 and higher 26%
3.81 and higher 46%
3.61 and higher 63%

ACT Profile

ACT Score % of Class
31 and higher 9%
28 and higher 27%
25 and higher 53%

SAT Profile

SAT Score % of Class
1200 and higher 26%
1100 and higher 52%
1050 and higher 61%

Class Rank

Rank % of Class
Top 1-10% 28%
Top 1-20% 52%
Top 1-25% 63%

Middle 50% Ranges

SAT Composite (CR+M) 970-1210
ACT Composite 22-28
High School GPA 3.43-4.00
Rank in Class 9%-33%

Beyond the Numbers

Our students share a common committment to service and a dedication to learning, but there is no one way to define a Saint Mary's woman. Many challenged themselves with AP and IB classes during high school. Some served as team captains, yearbook editors, musicians, and class presidents. Every member of the class of 2019 distinguished herself and used her gifts in her own way. Here are a few examples:

Mission trips to southern Phillipines, El Salvador, Macedonia, Jamaica, Equador, Haiti, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, St. Lucia, Nicaragua and Figi

  • Competitive Irish dancer who has qualified for the world competition and won her regional competition three times
  • Performed at Carnegie Hall
  • Member of Indiana State Honor Choir
  • Went to nationals in rowing as a child
  • Won the World Choir Games as a member of the internationally-recognized Cincinnati Children’s Choir
  • National Radio Theater Drama winner
  • State championship athletes and Class Presidents
  • Interns with a Massachusetts State Representative and US Senate campaign
  • Won third place in a Midwest Conference Writing Competition
  • A Stylist for American Eagle Outfitters
  • Won Honorable Mention at the Berklee Jazz Festival competition in 2013 – the festival is the largest of its kind in the U.S.
  • As Co-Captain of the FIRST Robotics Competition Team, she went to the quarter-finals of the Chesapeake Regional in 2013 and is now a Robotics Instructor for children from ages 5 to 14
  • 93 reported to be captains of their athletic teams
  • 107 reported to be members of National Honor Societies
  • Founded an organization when she was just 10 that brings cheer to pediatric patients at local hospitals
  • Member of national championship dance team
  • Invited to sing at Governor Mike Pence’s annual Christmas party in Indianapolis last year
  • Created commercial product set designs for television ads
  • Helped Dr. Toni Barstis with research on the PAD project
  • Assisted scientists on San Francisco Bay estuary studies
  • Published as part of a team of researchers who studied the effects of e-cigarettes on cultured cells
  • Director for the International Thespian Society
  • Sat on the Mayor’s Youth Council for her city
  • A Water Ballet Director
  • Many founders of charities and philanthropic organizations
  • Internationally ranked figure skater
  • Taught English to underprivileged, inner-city youth in Madrid, Spain
  • Won a Congressional Art Award for her photography and her photographs were published in Spectrum Magazine.

For additional information on our first year students, contact and ask for the 2015 First Year Class Profile.