Class Profile

Meet the Class of 2021

This August, Saint Mary's College welcomed the Class of 2021 to the Saint Mary's family. The class included 365 first-year students.

Diversity Profile

  • Applications came from 45 states and territories and 24 foreign countries
  • 22% of applicants had an alumna connection: mother, sister, or grandmother graduated from or currently attend Saint Mary's.
  • 20% of the class are from historically underrepresented groups.

Academic Profile

High School GPA % of Class
3.91 and higher 47%
3.81 and higher 56%
3.61 and higher 71%

ACT Profile

ACT Score % of Class
31 and higher 15%
28 and higher 37%
25 and higher 60%

SAT Profile

SAT Score % of Class
1200 and higher 28%
1100 and higher 48%
1050 and higher 62%

Class Rank

Rank % of Class
Top 1-10% 25%
Top 1-20% 41%
Top 1-25% 46%

Middle 50% Ranges

*25% of class fell below these ranges and 25% fell above these ranges.

SAT Composite (CR+M) 1000-1210
ACT Composite 23-29
High School GPA 3.55-4.1
Rank in Class 6%-30%

Beyond the Numbers

Our students share a common committment to service and a dedication to learning, but there is no one way to define a Saint Mary's woman. Many challenged themselves with AP and IB classes during high school. Some served as team captains, yearbook editors, musicians, and class presidents. Every member of the class of 2021 distinguished herself and used her gifts in her own way. Here are a few examples:

  • Mission trips to El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Haiti, Belize and Miami.
  • Five accomplished members of FIRST Robotics teams
  • Nearly a dozen Irish dancers
  • Breast cancer research assistant at the University of Notre Dame
  • Many founders of charities and non-profit organizations
  • Ballet dancer in the Royal Ballet Company of London
  • Performed for the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet company
  • 69 reported to be captains of their athletics teams
  • 110 reported to be members of the National Honor Society
  • State championship athletes and class presidents
  • 66% of class reported participating in a sport
  • 93 musicians
  • Internationally ranked for Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting
  • Teen Ambassador for Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine
  • Wrote and directed "Musical Adventures of Batman" which premiered in her local community theatre

For additional information on our first year students, contact and ask for the 2017 First Year Class Profile.