Gender and Global Peace | Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN
Gender and Global Peace

Gender and Global Peace

Oct 21

Virtual Event
Wednesday, Oct. 21 7:00 PM Register

Join us for a webinar on Gender and Global Peace

Guest speaker Dr. Ashley J. Bohrer, University of Notre Dame
Q&A Facilitator, Dr. Frances Kominkiewicz, Saint Mary's College

“Disturbing the Peace: A Feminist Defense of Conflict in a Time of Rebellion.”

Ashley Bohrer

In recent years, studies of peace have increasingly looked to social movements as ways to envision radical reformulations of our society in the direction of justice and liberation. However, many social movements, especially feminist ones across the globe, are centrally committed to unsettling the dominant orders they confront, the reigning 'peace' of the situations in which they live. In this talk, I look at the benefits of defending civil disobedience, disruptive protests, and social movement critique as forms of disturbing the peace, and argue that feminist social movements highlight how important it is in peace studies not only to value peace as an end goal, but to also value the necessary forms of 'disturbing the peace' that social movements routinely engage. 

Dr. Ashley J. Bohrer is Assistant Professor of Gender and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from DePaul University (2016). Her academic work focuses on the intersectional constitution of capitalism, settler colonization, and global policing, as well as social movements' responses to these systems. Her recent book is Marxism and Intersectionality: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality under Contemporary Capitalism (2019). In addition to her academic work, Ashley is deeply engaged as an activist in social movements fighting colonization, the prison industrial complex, and the global rise of fascism.


Co-sponsored by Gender & Women's Studies Department, Department of Social Work and Gerontology, Department of Global Studies, and the Center for Women's Intercultural Leadership.

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