The Social Work department offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with a major in social work. Students with dual majors are required to complete the field practicum requirements and SW495.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Social Work (60 hours)

All of the following:

  • SW 202 Intro to Social Work
  • SW 235 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • SW 236 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
  • SW 331 SW Practice I: Micro Methods
  • SW 332 SW Practice II: Mezzo Methods
  • SW 333 SW Practice III: Macro Methods
  • SW 334 Social Welfare Policy and Service
  • SW 340 Working with Diverse Populations
  • SW 430 Social Work Research Methods
  • SW 486-487 Social Work Field Practicum I & II
  • SW 488-489 Social Work Field Practicum Seminar I & II
  • SW 495 Integrative Seminar
  • Senior Comprehensive Portfolio and Oral Examination

Required Supporting Courses

  • BIO 105 Cells to Self or BIO 106 Mendel, Darwin, and the World We Live In
  • PSYC 156 Intro to Psychology
  • MATH 114 Introduction to Statistics or PSYC 201 Statistics in Psychology or SOC 372 Sociological Statistics

Two of the following: Other courses may be substituted with permission from the student’s departmental advisor.

  • SW 341 Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexuality Across the Lifespan
  • SW 342 Intercultural Leadership Development
  • SW 360 Health and Human Services Administration
  • SW 362 Perspectives in Gerontology
  • SW 370 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse
  • SW 390 Special Topics in Social Work